Are TRiO services available remotely?

Yes! Even though most Parkland employees are working on campus, TRiO is still supporting our students in-person and online.

  • Our TRiO advisors are holding virtual student appointments as needed. We are only an email or phone call away!
  • Our TRiO tutors are providing tutoring online and by phone. Our 24/7 online tutoring service via ThinkingStorm is always available.
  •  For a full listing of services available to active TRiO participants, please visit the Parkland TRiO Cobra page

For additional questions or information, please contact the TRiO office at (217)353-2267 or trio@parkland.edu.

How much does it cost to be a member of the TRiO program?
Nothing. This is a FREE program to eligible participants.
How do I apply to become a TRiO participant?

To apply to TRiO at Parkland, complete a paper application and turn it in to us in U2252, or complete the application online (click "Application" in the menu on the left). We will review to make sure you meet TRiO eligibility requirements, then contact you about the next steps.

Click HERE for the online application
What is TRiO?
TRiO is a set of federal grants designed to help students achieve success in higher education. Parkland College is the proud recipient of a TRiO Student Support Services grant, which allows us to help students in our program graduate from Parkland and plan their next step, whether that means entering a career or transferring to a four-year school.

For more information about TRiO grants, visit the Department of Education's website
Why should I join TRiO?
TRiO is like an academic Big Brother/Big Sister program, with staff dedicated to helping you stay on task with meeting your academic goals and objectives. TRiO staff is also here to be a listening ear for our students and an encouraging voice to foster your overall well-being. We are invested in you and will do everything we can to connect you to resources and help you be successful.
How can TRiO benefit me?
Academic skill building, personal development activities, college visits, cultural and social activities, help completing the FAFSA and college admission procedures. And the best part is that all these services are FREE!
Do you offer scholarships?
TRiO does not, unfortunately, offer scholarships. Scholarships are typically awarded through Parkland’s Financial Aidoffice and outside resources. We will help you research and apply for potential scholarship sources.
What is the time commitment required?
We ask our students to meet with a TRiO advisor three times per semester, and attend three TRiO activities each semester. We estimate that the total time commitment is only about 5-6 hours each semester.
What if I have a very tight schedule?
While we do like for our students to be active participants, we also understand that our students may have exceptional circumstances. If you feel that TRiO can benefit you, but you have exceptional circumstances, we would love to talk with you about how we can help you balance life and be a program participant.  Stop by the office to speak with the TRiO Staff.
Is my TRiO membership transferable when I graduate and transfer?
Your TRiO membership with Parkland ends once you graduate or transfer. However, TRiO programs are at most of the 2-year and 4-year state colleges and universities, and you would likely be eligible at your new home school.

Want to become a member of TRiO? Click HERE for the application.