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Counseling Support Center

We are here to support you.

On this page you will find information on the Counseling Support Center’s offerings for currently enrolled students as well as numerous articles, apps and resources to help everyone navigate the daily stressors of everyday life.

For Currently Enrolled Students we are offering:

Supportive Counseling (via Microsoft Teams or in-person)

Online Support Group for students experiencing stress and anxiety

Beyond the stressors we typically experience over the course of a lifetime, we are collectively experiencing an unprecedented shifting in how we experience our daily lives - again. Our idea of “normal” was altered over a year ago and is being altered once again. It can feel weird and uncomfortable. With any new experience there is uncertainty, and that uncertainty can cause a sense of vulnerability, stress, fear, and anxiety.

As Elizabeth Markle states in her informative article Four Things to Do Every Day for Your Mental Health:

It’s normal to stagger when the old structures are swept away—but we have the opportunity (and the imperative) to create our own. Intentionally. For our well-being, and the well-being of our families and communities, we are called upon to design sustainable structures that produce sanity, safety, and human thriving. How?... Move, Nourish, Connect, Be.


Now is the time to get very deliberate about taking care of yourself.

Infuse this time with a lot of compassion for yourself and others.

Tend to yourself and your loved ones by deliberately taking time to slow down.


To assist with getting deliberate about taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, Counseling Services would like to share the following services and resources: