Help! I'm Undecided

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Save money and time by taking a free online career assessment. 

Career Assessments are one of Career Services most widely used services. We offer two options when it comes to determining which major or career would be an ideal fit for you. 

Use each career assessment as a way to understand your aptitudes and interests and how they affect work, school, and social activities. 


With PathwayU, you can spend twenty minutes and learn your career matches by subject, alternative job titles, and connect directly to an online job. To get started visit


With YouScience, you can spend ninety minutes working through the aptitude test to discover potential careers with in-depth details, a personalized fit analysis for each career, tips for success, and a personal discussion guide. 

To get started, email for an activation code, then visit to get started. 

Note: You can use any email address and password that you want when registering. 


Wingspans is a platform that uses storytelling to create a new pipeline of workers. The site features 700+ interviews about work with real people in all walks of life– pipefitters, astrophysicists, doctors, coffee roasters, mushroom farmers– career planning tools, and a shareable portfolio including a resume builder. To get started visit