Request Log Archives

2019 Request Log A list of FOIA requests for the 2019 calendar year.
Date Requester Topic
12/20/2019 Michael McPhail  Employee Information
12/20/2019 Bethany Simpson  Commercial
11/25/2019 Rachel Conner  Budget Year Information
11/25/2019 Peter Lynch  Student Records
11/11/2019 Russ Kick (  Veterinary Records
11/7/2019 David Sanford  Student Information
10/21/2019 Rebecca Spellmeyer  Student Information
10/10/2019 Rebecca Spellmeyer  Student Information
10/4/2019 Aimee Galvin (  Dual Credit Information
10/4/2019 Rebecca Spellmeyer  Student Information
9/18/2019 Lisa Ingram  Campus Slip/Fall Data
9/17/2019 Jennie Smith (Acme Research)  Commercial
8/29/2019 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
7/31/2019 Kristi Upton (Acme Research)  Public Spending Information
7/24/2019 Justin Martin  Student Organization Correspondence
7/10/2019 Steve Campo  Employee Information
6/27/2019 Rocky Phelps  Public Safety Records
6/27/2019 Justin Martin  Student Organization Correspondence
6/25/2019 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
6/20/2019 Joyce Barnes  Law Enforcement Records
6/20/2019 Shari Nordstom (Aurora University)  Student Information
5/24/2019 Allan Blustein  Employee Information
5/20/2019 Jared Rutecki (Better Government Association)  Athletic Salary Information
5/7/2019 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
4/30/2019 Kaza Rhan (LocalLabs)  Collective Bargaining Agreements
4/30/2019 Ron Bensyl (Gallagher)  Commercial
4/10/2019 Tim Christian   Commercial, Strategic Digital RFP's
4/10/2019 Raymond Barnett  Student Information
2/28/2019 James Ayers  Media List
2/21/2019 Jonathan Gunn  Grade Distribution Data
2/14/2019 Sami Sfier (Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement)  Commercial
1/25/2019 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
1/18/2019 Nathan Mihelich (  2019 Retiree Information
1/14/2019 Rachel Otwell (  Separation information
1/14/2019 Nehemiah Chu  Student Information
1/14/2019 Dan Bauman (  Public Safety Jurisdiction
2018 Request Log List of FOIA Requests for the 2018 calendar year.
Date Requester Topic
12/20/2018 Kaza Rhan (LocalLabs)  Election Information
12/5/2018 Tracy Hoel  Employee Information
11/13/2018 Jared Rutecki (Better Government Association) Athletic Salary Information
11/1/2018 Bev Maddock Nursing Admissions Rubric
10/24/2018 Jonathan Gunn  Employee Information
10/12/2018 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
10/4/2018 Kristi Upton (Acme Research)  Commercial
8/28/2018 Dan Bauman (  Salary Information
8/9/2018 Peter Stevens  Tutor Training
7/31/2018 Seth Fein  Invoices
7/24/2018 Ben Zigterman  Contracts
7/24/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
7/17/2018 Alexis Cortes  Employee Information
712/2018 Kaza Rahn  Salary Information
7/11/2018 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
7/11/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
6/27/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
6/14/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
5/30/2018  Bryan Gerber (Collegiate Metrics)  Commercial 
5/15/2018  Sumuk Rao  Course Information
5/10/2018  Sumuk Rao  Course Information 
4/6/2018  Stephen Chichelli (SmartProcure) Commercial 
3/30/2018  Aaron Eades   Employee Information 
3/12/2018  Peter Butler  Commercial
2/26/2018  Matthew Feuerborn  Course Information
2/26/2018  Wilmalyn Falcunaya (Sunpower Corporation)  Commercial
2/20/2018 Ryan Snow Background Investigation
2/2/2018 Christine Haro Student Information
2/2/2018 David Amerson (PB&PA Labor Committee) Employee Information
1/24/2018 Valerie Corey (Straight Up Solar) Commercial
1/10/2018 Dave Costello Salary Information
1/4/2018  Stephen Chichelli (SmartProcure)  Commercial