Request Log

The goal of the FOIA request log is transparency for the public and increased understanding of the FOIA process and timelines. 

Response letters are posted when Parkland has completed processing a request. Response time varies depending on the elements of the request.

2018 Requests 

Date Requester Topic
2/14/2019 Sami Sfier (Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement)  Commercial
1/25/2019 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
1/18/2019 Nathan Mihelich (  2019 Retiree Information
1/14/2019 Rachel Otwell (  Separation information
1/14/2019 Nehemiah Chu  Student Information
1/14/2019 Dan Bauman (  Public Safety Jurisdiction
12/20/2018 Kaza Rhan (LocalLabs)  Election Information
12/5/2018 Tracy Hoel  Employee Information
11/13/2018 Jared Rutecki (Better Government Association) Athletic Salary Information
11/1/2018 Bev Maddock Nursing Admissions Rubric
10/24/2018 Jonathan Gunn  Employee Information
10/12/2018 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
10/4/2018 Kristi Upton (Acme Research)  Commercial
8/28/2018 Dan Bauman (  Salary Information
8/9/2018 Peter Stevens  Tutor Training
7/31/2018 Seth Fein  Invoices
7/24/2018 Ben Zigterman  Contracts
7/24/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
7/17/2018 Alexis Cortes  Employee Information
712/2018 Kaza Rahn  Salary Information
7/11/2018 Bethany Simpson (SmartProcure)  Commercial
7/11/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
6/27/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
6/14/2018 Ryan Evans  Directory Information
5/30/2018  Bryan Gerber (Collegiate Metrics)  Commercial 
5/15/2018  Sumuk Rao  Course Information
5/10/2018  Sumuk Rao  Course Information 
4/6/2018  Stephen Chichelli (SmartProcure) Commercial 
3/30/2018  Aaron Eades   Employee Information 
3/12/2018  Peter Butler  Commercial
2/26/2018  Matthew Feuerborn  Course Information
2/26/2018  Wilmalyn Falcunaya (Sunpower Corporation)  Commercial
2/20/2018 Ryan Snow Background Investigation
2/2/2018 Christine Haro Student Information
2/2/2018 David Amerson (PB&PA Labor Committee) Employee Information
1/24/2018 Valerie Corey (Straight Up Solar) Commercial
1/10/2018 Dave Costello Salary Information
1/4/2018  Stephen Chichelli (SmartProcure)  Commercial