Request Log

The goal of the FOIA request log is transparency for the public and increased understanding of the FOIA process and timelines. 

Response letters are posted when Parkland has completed processing a request. Response time varies depending on the elements of the request.

Date Requester Topic
8/20/2020 Donna Giertz Personnel Records
8/17/2020 Donna Giertz Personnel Records
7/24/2020 Donna Giertz Athletic Department Information
7/21/2020 Donna Giertz Athletic Department Information
6/30/2020 Chad Anderson Commercial Builders Contracts
6/30/2020 Michael Ayele Personal Information
6/4/2020 Rebecca Spellmeyer Documentation of Behavior Form
5/20/2020 Alex Stapleton Public Safety Information
5/19/2020 Toni Pitts Student Information
4/27/2020 Toni Pitts Student Information
3/30/2020 Peter Butler Commercial Request
3/24/2020 Pit Herber (candidate-select) Commercial Request
3/24/2020 Rod M (Victory Research) Student Information
3/4/2020 Tui Lynch (IBEW 601) Solar Contracts
2/17/2020 Arnab Mondal (The Chicago Reporter) Code of Conduct
2/7/2020 Arnab Mondal (The Chicago Reporter) Code of Conduct
2/5/2020 Nathan Mihelich (IRTA) Employee Information
2/5/2020 Sarah Scheffler Student Information
1/28/2020 Russ Kick Vet Tech Information
1/14/2020 Adrienne Umbarger Student Information