In assisting students to develop responsible behavior, the Student Conduct Code has been developed to play a complementary role to counseling, guidance, and other forms of student development actions. At the same time, the college has a duty and the corollary disciplinary powers to protect its educational purpose through the setting of standards of scholarship and conduct for its students and through the regulations of the use of its facilities.

Discipline will be administered so as to guarantee procedural fairness to an accused student. The regular disciplinary procedures and standards of conduct, including the student’s right to appeal a decision, will be clearly formulated and communicated in advance. Disciplinary procedures may vary in formality with the gravity of the offense and the sanctions that may be applied. Some Student Conduct Code violations may be adjudicated informally under prescribed procedures.

Parkland College will adhere to procedural fair play by requiring that in all situations the student be informed of the nature of the charges against them and that they will be given a fair opportunity to refute them.

Note: The Parkland College Student Conduct Code is based on the work of Edward N. Stoner, II and John Wesley Lowery (2004). See the Journal of College and University Law, Vol. 31, No 1, published by the National Associataion of College and University Attorneys and the Notre Dame Law School.