Campus Supports

Academic Supports

For information on navigating your classes, class absences, academic advising, accessibility services, and support programs, such as tutoring, online resources, and more, visit the Academic Supports webpage

Career Assistance and Job Placement

Career Services offers a broad array of services to help Parkland students and community members at any stage of the career process. Our Career Services staff can assist with:

    • Choosing an academic major or career path
    • Planning for a job, internship, or apprenticeship search
    • Connecting with employers and job postings
    • Improving your use of social media, like LinkedIn, for career needs
    • Preparing application materials such as cover letters and resumes
    • Building your confidence through mock interviews 

These services are offered in a one-on-one format, on-campus as workshops and special events, and online over social media and Parkland’s website. Career Services staff also work with instructors and academic success advisors to deliver tailored support based on the unique needs of each student, academic program, and career path. Access to PathwayU and YouScience, two invaluable resources for helping you explore how your interests and abilities match up with possible career paths.

Access PathwayU, learn more about Career Services, or book an appointment on the Career Services website

Career Closet

The Parkland College Career Closet is designed to help Parkland students get started on their professional path. This partnership between Career Services, Student Life, Community Engagement and Phi Theta Kappa allows students to select an outfit for use in the interview process or for the beginning of their new career. Students utilize Parkland’s Career services for application and interview preparation in order to gain access to the career closet. The outfit selected by the student is theirs to keep. See the Student Life page to see Career Closet hours and other important information.

Counseling Support Center

The Counseling Support Center provides free confidential counseling to currently enrolled Parkland students. Counseling is short-term and solution-focused. Students seek out counseling services for issues such as depression, anxiety, struggles with school, family or friends, procrastination, and many other stressful or confusing situations. Counselors are trained in various methods and are able to adapt to each student’s counseling needs. Students experiencing significant distress are seen as soon as possible. For more information, please visit the Counseling Support Center website.

Dean of Students

Your student voice matters, and we are your ally throughout your Parkland College experience! 

We strive to foster a supportive, inclusive, and engaging campus environment by connecting you to a variety of departments and support services.

The Parkland College Student Handbook is our digital student handbook that serves as your next-step guide, from your first days as a Parkland student to your walk across our commencement stage.

We understand that you may need some support immediately. Please feel free to visit the Dean of Students webpage or contact the Dean of Students by visiting Room U242, calling 217/353-2048, or emailing

Pregnancy Support

Parkland College supports the rights of expectant students to maintain their activity in classes, academic programs, athletics, and extra-curricular programs. Under Title IX law,  you are protected for pregnancy related absences and maternity leave. 

You are provided support and access to necessary accommodations such as larger desks or the need to leave the room frequently if needed.

 You have the right to make up any items used by the instructor based on the syllabus to determine the course grade, including attendance points, participation points, assignments, and exams.

Complete the Pregnancy Support form to receive additional information and set up an intake appointment.

Wellness Center

The Parkland College Wellness Center promotes a holistic approach to wellness for students, staff, and faculty by combining all eight dimensions of wellness – physical, social, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental, and occupational. The Parkland College Wellness Center offers a prayer/meditation room, lactation room, health clinics, and individual wellness services. To find out more about how the Wellness Center can help you with your health and wellness needs visit the Wellness Center website.

Wesley Food Pantry

Parkland College has partnered with the Wesley Food Pantry to offer students and the community access to high-quality food choices and snack baskets around the college. There is no income verification needed to select food options from the Wesley Food Pantry. More information about hours of operation and volunteer opportunities can be found on the Wesley Food Pantry website.