Article Ii: Judicial authority

A. Vice President for Student Services
The Vice President for Student Services (or the Dean of Students as the Vice President for Student Services designee) or the chairperson of the PCA Student Affairs Committee shall determine the composition of the Student Conduct Committee and Appellate Boards and determine which Student Conduct Committee, Student Conduct Advisor, and Appellate Board shall be authorized to hear in each case. 
B. Dean of Students
The Dean of Students shall develop policies and procedural rules for the administration of the student conduct program which are consistent with provisions of the Student Conduct Code. The Dean of Students or their designee will also facilitate the training of Student Conduct Advisors and Student Conduct Committee members.
C. Student Conduct Committee
Decisions made by a Student Conduct Committee and/or Student Conduct Advisor shall be final, pending the normal appeal process.
D. Jurisdiction of Parkland College
Generally, Parkland College jurisdiction and discipline shall be limited to conduct which occurs on Parkland College premises and other officially recognized off-campus locations or events in which Parkland College is represented as a sponsor or participant. Conduct that adversely affects the Parkland College community and/or the pursuit of it objectives may be included and adjudicated, however, regardless of location. It is the sole discretion of the Dean of Students to decide on a case by case basis whether the Student Conduct Code shall be applied to conduct occurring off-campus.