Absences from class

General Absences

Multiple days – extended absences

Use the student absence reporting form to inform the Dean of Students Office for class absences of more than one day, such as a car accident, hospitalization, or family emergencies. The absence notification, once again, does not excuse absences, only your instructors can decide what is or is not excused. The Office of the Dean of Students is your advocate when you need help connecting with your instructors or departments, assistance with requests and support during hospitalization or returning to classes after hospitalization.

You will report on this absence form to the Dean of Student’s Office. The dean’s office will send an absence notification to the instructors on your schedule. Please know that this notification does not excuse you from assignments, exams, or being marked absent. Your faculty will handle per policies outlined in each of your class syllabi. 

Please view the Catalog for additional attendance information. 

One day absence

Contact each of your instructors directly, using the contact information found in the syllabus given to you. This absence for one day of class could be due to personal reasons: car problems, you’re sick or your child is sick, doctor’s appointment, or going to court. Your instructors may work with you based on their syllabus and section style to allow for remote work or make up of missed assignments. Your instructors decide what is excused or unexcused, whether late work is accepted or missed quizzes/exams can be made up and whether points are deducted based on their grading scales.

Good communication is important to your success, so if you’re going to be absent for just one day for any reason, contact your faculty using their information listed in the syllabus as soon as possible. Know that part of the rubric for grading you in the class may list consequences for absences. Faculty have the right to lower grades due to excessive absences. 

Please view the Catalog for additional attendance information. 


Military Training- extended absences

Students who are serving in any branch of the military are supported for their extended absences due to training whether active duty or reserves.  You should submit a copy of your orders to the Dean of Students’ Office and talk with your instructors about making up work upon your return date. Refer to the Catalog for more information about the process for military withdrawal (MW) or military incomplete (MI) grades, if you are called to active duty. 

Religious Observations

Religious Observations- extended absences

Parkland College recognizes and values diverse religious beliefs. It is a shared responsibility if a religious observance conflicts with scheduled class work or assignments. You should contact your instructor well in advance of the intended absence for religious observance. Contact your instructor two or more weeks before your absence to allow time to discuss your requested dates, what work will need to be made up, complete your request formand file it with the Dean of Students’ Office. 


Medical Absences

Due to the impact of sudden medical issues/ hospitalizations that extend pass several class meetings when you’re unable to go to class, log on to submit assignments or participate in class/labs can have a very negative impact on your ability to catch up. Once the Dean of Students’ Office opens an absence case for you, you’ll be asked about your expected return. We ask that you submit your medical provider’s release to return to school to our secure database and NOT give any of that to instructors. We will work to help advocate if you’re trying to return and make up missed assignments or if your situation meets the time frame and criteria help you talk with your instructors to ask instructors incomplete grade contracts.

Extended medical absences may also result in needing to seek medical withdrawals through the Academic Exceptions office, if you paid for classes out of pocket and are seeking a withdrawal and refund. Please see the Medical Withdrawal section of the Student Handbook for more information. 

Pregnancy Related Absences

Pregnancy related absences - Title IX Pregnancy

Parkland College supports the rights of expectant students to maintain their activity in classes, academic programs, athletics, and extra-curricular programs. Under Title IX law, you are protected for pregnancy related absences and maternity leave. Complete the Pregnancy Support form to receive additional information and set up an intake appointment.

Please view the Catalog for additional attendance information.