Study abroad in SOUTH Korea

Looking to broaden your horizons in an exciting and safe country? South Korea is the place for you

Seoul, located on the Han River, is a dynamic city that combines traditional Korean culture with modern fashion and technology. With warm and helpful locals, efficient transportation, and fresh, delicious food, Seoul is the perfect place for students interested in exploring a different culture while completing Parkland credits

What You'll Study

  • A Korean Language Course - no prior knowledge necessary 
  • HUM-106: Korean Culture
    • Study Korean Calligraphy
    • Learn a K-Pop dance from K-pop choreographers 
    • Master popular cheers used at events throughout Korea  


  • Visit the night markets in Seoul 
  • Relax at a Korean spa/bath house 
  • See beautiful landmarks including Seoul Tower and traditional Korean palaces
  • Take a bullet train to Busan for the weekend


You will stay in the dorms at Sogang University in Seoul. Dorms include:

  • Two twin beds
  • In-dorm bathroom
  • Closet with locks
  • Desks and shelves with locks 
  • Laundry area
  • Computer lab
  • Study lounges
  • Cafeteria with meals starting at $4

Financial Aid:

Study Abroad costs may be covered by your financial aid. Check with a financial aid advisor.  

Go to our Scholarship page for more information on how to get additional funds for your trip. 

For more information or an application:

Contact Jody Littleton: Room: D175, Phone: 217/351-2532 or email