Make An Appointment With Financial Aid

If you currently have or are eligible for financial aid, you may apply it towards study abroad. Many types of financial aid may be applied to study abroad. Ask about a Pell grant or a student loans. Also, remember that if you are already receiving financial aid, you may be eligible for an increased amount due to the higher costs of a program abroad.

Scholarships Information 

$500 Honors Program Award The Honors Program and Study Abroad have collaborated to offer a $500 scholarship to any student who is in the Honors Program, participates in study abroad and as part of one of their study abroad courses completes an Honors Project. Go to the Honors Program webpage for information on how to belong to the Honors Program.  

$500-$1000 ICISP Founders Scholarship Parkland College is part of the Illinois Consortium of International Studies & Programs (ICISP).  Please check for a great list of scholarships.  In the Spring/Fall Semesters  ICISP offers a $1000 scholarship and in summer a $500 scholarship. 

Gilman Scholarship - For those of you who have a Pell Grant check out the Gilman Scholarship. Depending on several factors you could receive thousands of dollars for your study abroad program. 

Raise Funds

  • Contact local support groups for fundraising: Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs. Bring information about your trip when you approach these groups. Be enthusiastic and offer work in return for their support.
  • Ask your parents if any scholarships exist for children of employees where they work.
  • Ask local stores and restaurants to put donation jars by their cash registers. Put a sign on the jars explaining who you are and why you are fundraising. Contacting businesses and organizations has been a very successful strategy for many students.
  • Write a creative letter to your relatives, asking for financial support in exchange for monthly letters while abroad, or a presentation and dinner upon return.
  • Ask friends to join you in raising money by painting, cleaning, or car washes.
  • Collect used books, CDs, etc. and have a sale.
  • In exchange for the use of your car while you're gone, have a friend or sibling make all or part of your car payments


  • Start a personal study abroad fund. Open an account with as little as $50 or $100, add funds as they become available, and swear not to use it for anything else!
  • Ask for money instead of presents for birthdays and holidays. Put it in the fund.
  • Save all you can from your job to put into the fund and count on increasing it substantially from summer employment.

Say Thanks

Whatever you do, be sure to express your appreciation for support. Your energy and enthusiasm for going abroad will be contagious!

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