How to Apply. Step by step.

Here are the steps to get you through the application process at Parkland College quickly and easily. We’re happy to help you in any way during the process. That’s why we are here. Please contact us at

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From science and tech to arts and humanities, plus everything in between, you'll find professors who know your name and the learning support you need. Check out the academic possibilities. Be a high school or university graduate by the time you begin classes and provide your high school or university transcript and certified English translation of the transcript.


Future International Students:  Application Deadlines




Summer (8 week session)


July 1

December 1

May 1


July 15

December 10

May 15

Admission Requirements

If you have questions about this documentation, please email or call 217/351-2890. Here is a list of required documents you must provide for admission to Parkland College:

  • Application: 
  • Apply online (click the yellow Apply button at the bottom of this page)  or complete an International Student Admissions Application; a $50 application fee applies to all applicants without a US mailing address.
  • High school transcripts
    Submit official high school transcripts (mark sheets, exam results, certificates). Photocopied transcripts are acceptable if they bear an original signature or certification from a school official. Transcripts must include proof of graduation or completion. Provide a certified English translation of your transcripts along with the copy in your home country language.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, if available.
    Submit IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or ACT scores as applicable. These scores are not required. If you do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score, you will take an ESL placement test in the Assessment Center at Parkland or at an approved site in your home country. The results of that test will determine if you are ready for academic courses, or if pre-college English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are required.  An IELTS band score of 6.0 or a TOEFL score of 61ibt/500pbt allows the student to take only the English Writing Assessment for course placement.
  • Financial Documentation
    Submit official bank documents showing availability of sufficient funds to pay for at least one academic year (two semesters) of study AND, if supported by a sponsor, a completed Verification of Financial Support signed and stamped by your sponsor’s bank and sponsor.  The proof of financial support is required of all F1 visa applicants seeking Certificate of Visa Eligibility (Form I-20). The statements should be current, official, and written in English.
  • College transcripts (if applicable)
    Submit official transcripts of all post-secondary coursework. If you wish to transfer foreign college credit to Parkland College, you must use a credential evaluation service, such as Education Credentials Evaluators. Send the results of that evaluation to Parkland College.
  • Copy of the photo ID page in your passport.
  • Mail or send all documents as PDF attachments to The application, bank statement and Verification of Financial Support must be provided in original form, and can be sent by mail courier or brought to our office upon arrival.
  • Documents may be mailed to:
    International Admissions, Room U238
    Parkland College
    2400 W Bradley Ave.
    Champaign, IL 61821 USA
    If you need help during this process, please email our office or call 217/351-2890.

Study in the States


Instructions for F1 Students who wish to Transfer to Parkland

In addition to the documents listed above, a transfer student must provide:

  • official transcripts from all US colleges/universities attended,
  • a copy of the visa and Form I-20,
  • information regarding the status of the current SEVIS record/Form I-20; if the record is in terminated status, refer to these instructions for reinstatement,
  • information regarding upcoming travel outside the US,
  • where the admission documents are to be delivered,
  • payment of the $50 application fee is required for all documents mailed outside the US.

Instructions for Non-F1 Visa Students

  • Apply online (click the yellow Apply button at the bottom of this page) or complete an International Student Admissions Application
  • Attach the completed application and the documents listed below to email.
  • Provide educational documents, (for degree-seeking students only), in original language and a certified English translation, showing proof of the equivalent of U.S. high school or bachelor degree completion
  • Provide TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT scores (optional). If you do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score, you will take the ESL placement test in the Assessment Center at Parkland. The results of that test will determine if you are ready for academic courses, or if pre-college English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are required.
  • Provide copies of your passport ID page, visa page, I-94 document, Form I-20 for F2 dependents; DS-2019 for J2 dependents.
  • If you are in the process of applying for permanent residency ('green card'), submit a copy of your receipt notice (I-797) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

After the International Admissions office receives and processes all required documents, we will send an email with your letter of admission and e-tools information to you.

Instructions for Concurrent International Students

If you are a student enrolled at another university and wish to take courses at Parkland College, please follow these instructions:


  • First time applicants to Parkland College:
  • UIUC students who have previously applied to Parkland College:
    Complete the International Concurrent Enrollment Form each semester or summer term; course registration information will be sent to you via email.


  • Apply online (click the yellow Apply button at the bottom of this page) or complete an International Student Admissions Application, and Email us the completed application, and a copy of the first page of your Form I-20.
  • Information with your student account number and instructions to activate your account will be sent to you via email 
  • Register for classes via your account.