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If you need additional help with any of these steps, please contact the Tech Service Desk at 217/353-3333 or email techhelp@parkland.edu.  Note: online resources should be activated in the order listed below.

ParklandOne Sign On

The ParklandOne sign on is your entry point to all the online resources, email, and records that you will need as a student at Parkland. Please use ParklandOne Password State to create a secure password of your choosing.

  1. Click here to log in to ParklandOne Password Station 
  2. Enter your username.  If you are not sure what it is, click on the link that says, “What is my ParklandOne username?” The username lookup will ask for your Parkland ID number and birth date.  If you are not sure what your Parkland ID number is, click on the link that says, “Can’t find your number?”
  3. Please go to How to enroll in ParklandOne for screen shots and detailed information.

Returning Students:
If you have not attended Parkland classes for 2 years or more, your access to most Parkland systems will not be available until at least one business day AFTER reapplying. In order to get your ParklandOne password to sync, you must sign in with your username on https://one.parkland.edu and update your password by selecting either Forgot Password or Change Password.

Okta Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

To ensure the security of your account, Parkland College has implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) technology through a product called Okta.  In order to ensure access to Parkland systems, please set up and configure your factors (methods to receive an authorization code) before proceeding to other resources listed below.

  1. Navigate to go.parkland.edu/mfa and click Register.
  2. Enter your ParklandOne username and password.
  3. Proceed with selecting a security image and setting up your factors.

For Okta MFA related help articles and instruction, please click here.

Self-Service for Students

Self-Service allows a student to register for classes, see their class schedule, check financial aid, pay tuition and see grades.  Self-Service can be reached directly at https://selfserv.parkland.edu/Student/.

Parkland Student Email Account

You will use your student email account to keep in contact with your instructors, to receive information from Admissions and Financial Aid, and to receive important campus wide announcements. It can be reached directly at https://go.parkland.edu/email.

  1. Set up Microsoft Multi factor authentication for your Parkland Office 365/email account per the instructions at Office 365--Multi Factor Authentication Set Up. Please note that email and Office 365 will be transitioned from Microsoft MFA to Okta MFA after the Fall 2020 semester.
  2. Click the email icon located towards the top of the screen on https://my.parkland.edu
  3. Log in with your ParklandOne username and password.

Cobra Learning

Cobra Learning is Parkland’s web-based learning space used for both online and face-to-face courses. Course material won't be available until one day before the class is due to start. Access Cobra Learning at https://cobra.parkland.edu and use your ParklandOne credentials to log in.

My.Parkland Account

My.Parkland is the online resource to access Parkland student information. My.Parkland also has links to all of our other online systems, including Cobra Learning and Student Email as well as most commonly used applications. 

  1. Log in to my.parkland
  2. Enter your ParklandOne username and password.


Microsoft Office 365 Applications

For access to Microsoft 365 applications, please click on https://go.parkland.edu. You may click on the name of the app for access to the web based version or you can install Microsoft Office suite by clicking on the "Install Office" button located towards the top right of the screen.