Drop or withdraw from a class

At Parkland College, the terms drop and withdrawal refer to different processes.  Dropping a course means the removal of a class from the student's schedule and transcript within the drop deadline. The drop deadline is the Sunday following the start of class at 11:59 pm.  A drop from a course generates a full refund of tuition and fees.  Withdrawal from a course means you removed the class from your schedule after the drop deadline. The course remains on the transcript. There is no refund for withdrawals.

If you have questions about whether you should withdraw from a class, please contact Academic Advising at academicadvising@parkland.edu or 217/351-2219.

If you want to know when refunds are processed, please contact the Business Office at businessoffice@parkland.edu or 217/351-2233.

If you have any technical problems with dropping a class, please contact Tech Support at techhelp@parkland.edu or 217/353-3333.


Drop a class

You can only drop a course up until midnight Sunday after the first day of class.  Check the College Calendar for specific dates. A dropped class is removed from your record and the tuition is refunded.  The student can drop the class by coming to Admissions (U214) or on their own:

Drops can be completed using Student Planner.

  • Go to Parkland Self-Service
  • Log into your ParklandOne account.
  • Click on Student Planning.
  • Click on Go to Plan & Schedule on the right.
  • Click the arrows to move to the term you want.
  • In the Calendar view, click on the blue Drop button for the course(s) you wish to drop.
  • Please check your schedule after the drop is completed to make sure it has been removed from your schedule. Any concerns, please email registration@parkland.edu

Withdraw from a Class

You may withdraw from any class until 5 pm on the last business day of the week before the last week of instruction (this does not include final exams).  Check the College Calendar for specific dates. Once Parkland begins summer hours, the last business day at Parkland will be on Thursdays. A withdraw will show a W on your transcript and there is no refund for tuition.

Speak to your instructor before you decide to withdraw.  Many times students withdraw from a class when they are still able to successfully complete the course, but do not have accurate information on their progress.

To withdraw, you have 2 options:

  1. Fill out the withdraw form and return it either to the Admissions Office (U214) or email to registration@parkland.edu
  2. Send an email from your Parkland student email account to registration@parkland.edu with the following information included in the email:

Subject line: Request to Withdraw

Included in the body of the email:

  • First and last name
  • PCID number
  • Course(s) title, course prefix, course number, and course section number (example: Introduction to Humanities HUM 100-003)
  • Are you requesting a withdraw from all of your classes: Yes/No

A signature from your instructor and Financial Aid must be present on the form or if you communicated via email, submit that email communication along with the form or your email request.

A signature from Financial Aid is required on all withdraw requests to make sure that all students understand that there may be financial consequences for withdrawing from the class. We do not want any student to be missed.

A withdraw can't be completed through the my.Parkland.edu site.

Instructor Initiated Withdraw

If you choose not to attend multiple class periods, the instructor can choose to withdraw you from class prior to midterms.  There will be a W on your transcripts and no refund on tuition.  Some instructors may let you remain in the class and award the grade you earn.