Your tuition rate will be based on your residency as determined by your application.  Please check your acceptance letter to see what residency you have been assigned.  If you are unsure how you residency was determined, please review this information or email

Are you a Parkland District 505 Resident?

Your acceptance letter will tell you whether you have been determined to be an in-district, out-of-district, or out-of-state student. If you live outside of Parkland College District 505, OR you recently moved to the district for educational purposes only, this classifies you as an out-of-district student—which could affect your college expenses.

Moving to the Parkland District does not automatically make you in-district.  Please review the steps of becoming a resident below.


Click here to view a high quality PDF map of District 505.

Your residency determines what tuition you will pay so please see Tuition and Fees to learn more.

Students wanting to study in an Applied Science program that their home community college does not offer, may be eligible for in-district tuition through the Career Agreement process.

Steps to becoming an in-district resident
  1. Complete a Change of Residence form.
  2. Submit supporting documents. Anyone, regardless of age, who wishes to be considered as a resident of District 505 for tuition purpose must reside in the Parkland district for at least 30 days before attending classes, and must be able to prove they are in the district for non-educational purposes.
  3. Student must provide the following documents
    1. Letter from an in-district employer, check stubs or employment verification confirming employment (35-40 hrs/wk) for a minimum of 30 days while not attending classes.
    2. Driver's license or voter's registration showing your address in Parkland’s district.
    3. A copy of a lease, closing documents for a house, or a written statement from a relative or friend that you are living at the address listed on your driver’s license and that you have been living there for at least 30 days prior to the date you are requesting the residency change.
  4. A determination of your residency status will be conveyed through an in-person visit or via an  email reply.  Change of Residence classification must be completed within the first 30 days of the first day of class for a regular semester or 15 days after the first day of class in the summer.
Residency FAQs
  • Can I work more than one job in order to meet the full-time employment requirement?
    Yes, as along as the jobs total 35 hours or more a week for 30 days
  • I am in the United States under a Visa, is there any way to get in-district residency?
    No, as long as you are in the US on a Visa, you are considered an international student and will be charged the international student rate for tuition.
  • I’ve been living in the district for the last couple of years while I attend the University of Illinois. Am I considered a resident?
    No, as a student at the University of Illinois, you are still a resident of your home community. However, if you will be continuing classes at UIUC, please follow the concurrent process at UIUC
  • If I get a Voter's Registration Card, do I have to vote?
    You may submit proof that you are a registered voter within the district as evidence for establishing residency. This does not mean you have to vote.
  • Do I really need to submit all the items on the list, or just most of them?
    Yes, you will need to submit all documents for your residency to be approved. 
  • I’m already registered for classes and attending school, can I still be a student and pursue a residency change?
    Students who are currently taking classes at Parkland, but have moved either to or from the district, should report the address change to Admissions and Records.  A move to or from the district may result in a change of residency.  Students should consult with Admissions and Records about a potential change in residency.  If approved, the new tuition rate would go into effect the following semester or start term, as long as all documents have been received by the deadline.
  • I am not currently employed, but I receive benefits from the state of Illinois. Can I apply for a residency status change?
    Yes, if you receive benefits from the state of Illinois and your in-district address is on file as your home permanent address, then a letter from your caseworker verifying this information can be used in lieu of the employment requirement.