Braden Welsh1_web

"Parkland College gave me the inside look and head start that's helped me achieve my goals. Through the experience and hands-on training with athletes it has led me to work in a field I'm passionate about every day." 

Braden Welsh 
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
University of Kentucky Men's Basketball



"The Kinesiology program at Parkland gave me a head start into learning all of the newest information regarding performance and therapy. Parkland is not only an amazing academic institution but also helps its students to keep current with the latest certifications, techniques, research, and internship opportunities to create a successful environment for its students."

 Omar Rojas
 Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA)
Carle Orthopedic Sports Medicine



Tyler Starkey_web

"Parkland College taught me the value of curiosity and hard work. The knowledge, skills, experience, and work ethic that I gained helped me tremendously in understanding the field I was going into and allowed me to network for career opportunities. I cannot recommend enough going through the Kinesiology program, it has propelled me into a fantastic career!"

Tyler Starkey
Senior Account Executive
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club


"I have gained invaluable experience working with clients, athletes, and technology at Parkland College. The Kinesiology program not only helped me academically but also provided me internship opportunities with athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, and more. Parkland also allowed me to use state of the art GPS & Performance data software to monitor athletes which is a brand new up and coming field in Kinesiology. Due to the never-ending resources at Parkland College I have been able to work in strength & conditioning, sports science, exercise physiology research, physical therapy, and collegiate faculty teaching. No matter what your career path is, the Parkland College Kinesiology program will help you find your way."

Dalton Swenson
M.S. Exercise Physiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
Part-Time Faculty, Sports Science Coach, & Physical Therapist


Danielle Ellis_web

"The Kinesiology program at Parkland formed my foundation for understanding the human body and working hands-on with clients. This prepared me to be more comfortable and confident with clients and helped me to gain further experience working with individuals of specific injuries, special populations, and athletes."

Danielle Ellis
Personal Trainer & Licensed Massage Therapist




Lisa Altenberger_web

"The Parkland College Kinesiology and Personal Training Program provided me with knowledge and skills that would take years of experience on my own. This program has been invaluable to my career as a personal trainer and Health coach."

Lisa Altenberger
Health Coach
Turf. Personal Training




Steve Sample_web

"The Kinesiology & Personal Training Program at Parkland College set me up for success as a personal trainer by giving me the real world, hands-on experience with clients that is hard to accomplish in a short period of time. Following the classroom and practical portions of this program is the roadmap for success."

Steve Sample
Certified Personal Trainer
Elite Sport & Fitness at Gibson Area Hospital