Science Scholars Participants

Parkland Science Scholars participants start the program in the Fall semester and continue in the program for two years. Participants receive a scholarship of $2450/semester for a total award of $9800 over the length of the program. In addition, students benefit from program supports including community-building activities, a multi-layered mentoring program, and participation in summer undergraduate research. 

Here is what our science scholars are saying. 





"The Science Scholars program has prepared me for a career in the sciences by providing an environment to meet peers who are on a similar path as I am. Being able to have a like-minded group to be around and to get advice from has been extremely beneficial to my journey."

— Marshall Horton, nuclear energy














"I would absolutely encourage anyone interested to apply for P.S.S. [Parkland Science Scholars]! This program has made my conversion into the sciences so smooth and it’s very reassuring to know I have a scientific community to ask questions and share ideas with."

— Sarah Redman, horticulture  














"Always, the most fun part is when you apply what you learn so my favorite part in the program was when I discovered the research world by working with scientists in the UIUC."

— Driss El Andlosy, computer science














"As an aspiring scientist, the Science Scholars program has prepared me for my future career by pairing me up with a supportive mentor, providing the opportunity to do summer research as an undergraduate, and setting us up for success by developing our professional, communication, and technical skills. It has also provided the opportunity to connect with others who are at different levels of STEM careers."

— Kelsey Koch, wildlife biology