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The Fitness Center will be closed Friday 7/23/2014 for electrical maintenance. We will reopen on Saturday 7/24/2014 at 7 am. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Parkland Fitness Center is available to Parkland students, employees and community members enrolled in fitness center course.

Summer (non-credit) Fitness Center Use
May 19-August 16, 2014 - WCE 800-002 - $75

Call 217/353-2055 to sign up today!
Or click to register through my.parkland.
Use Continuing Education 2014 for the term and course WCE 800-001. 
After your registration is processed a confirmation letter with usage guidelines will be sent to you by mail. You must have a valid student ID and complete online orientation prior to your first visit to the Fitness Center.
Please note: The upper-level walking track is FREE for ANYONE to use during Fitness Center hours.


Summer 2014 505 Health & Wellness Classes
Call 217/353-2055 for registration information.

Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout designed to be fun and easy to do. AFAA-certified instructor Lisa Hoppe will show you the routines that feature interval training where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt while you burn fat.
> Mon Jun 2-30
WCE 353 005
Deadline: May 27
Location: PC-P105
> Mon Jul 7-Aug 11
WCE 353 006
Deadline: Jun 30
Location: PC-P105

Unleash your inner warrior for a full body workout. Christina Smith will guide you through this mixed martial arts meets cardio-fun class. You’ll punch and kick, while engaging your core and more as you sculpt shoulders, back, and arms and strengthen quads, glutes, and calves. Bring a mat for floor work.
> Wed May 28-Jul 2
WCE 976 001
Deadline: May 21
Location: PC-P105

Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training consisting of 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Multiply that by 8 times, and you get one 4-minute Tabata. Peg Olson, AFAA, will lead you through this “fat-torching” two-dimensional workout, combining cycling with full bodyweight movements. The exercises are simple while the results are complex.
> Mon Jun 16-Aug 4
WCE 919 003
Deadline: Jun 9
Location: PC-P210
> Wed Jun 18-Aug 6
WCE 919 004
Deadline: Jun 11
Location: PC-P210

Who doesn’t want sculpted ABS?! Well, you need to build your foundation your CORE! Your core is the most important region of your body to condition for stability, balance, and to prevent injury. Peg Olson, AFAA certified, will provide a multi-disciplinary approach to cross-training the muscles of your core (including abs, obliques,, hips, and full back) and add a small component for more fat burning.
> Mon Jun 16-Aug 4
WCE 867 005
Deadline: Jun 9
Location: PC-P210
> Wed Jun 18-Aug 6
WCE 867 006
Deadline: Jun 11
Location: PC-P210

Join Peg Olson, AFAA certified, for an intense workout designed to burn calories and tone all the major muscle groups of the body. You will utilize light weights and resistance tubes to develop and tone, and incorporate drills to burn calories and strengthen the heart. The majority of class will include inside circuits, occasionally making use of the great outdoors as weather allows.
> Tue/Thu Jun 17-Aug 7
WCE 443 003 (no class Jul 3) Deadline: Jun 10
Location: PC-Gym

Alternate strength conditioning with cardio intervals for a complete workout with AFAA-certified instructor Peg Olson. This fun class will combine strength and power with cardio/agility training. Intervals consist of three components driving the caloric burn and afterburn, while toning and shaping the body.
> Tue Jun 17-Aug 5
WCE 781 003
Deadline: Jun 10
Location: PC-P210

Strength training for everyday success. Discover how to train your muscles to perform daily activities with ease and not injury with Peg Olson, AFAA. Focus on multijoint, multimuscle exercises that build strength, balance, and endurance incorporating weights, resistance, and cardio.
> Thu Jun 19-Aug 14
WCE 918 005 (no class Jul 3)
Deadline: Jun 12
Location: PC-P210

Improve your quality of life with this class, especially helpful for those with arthritis, using Sun style Tai Chi, one of the five recognized major styles of Tai Chi. Rick Krandel will guide you in this style which includes an upright posture, agile steps, and exercises that may improve mobility, breathing, and relaxation. Advanced movements are available to provide an additional challenge for those with more experience.
> Tue Jun 10-Jul 29
WLI 427 003
Deadline: Jun 3
Location: PC-P105

Flow yoga links movement with breath. No yoga experience or flexibility is needed for this “must add” class to your life. The sequencing will build body heat which will help you go deeper into the postures than you ever thought possible. This class will help you to shed unwanted pounds, strengthen and tone muscles, increase your flexibility, improve your balance, and decrease stress. Lisa Hoppe is a certified group exercise instructor who is currently completing the 200 RYT program through YogaFit.
Bring a yoga mat and yoga block, and dress in a way that allows for unrestricted movement.
> Tue May 27-Jul 1
WCE 384 003
Deadline: May 20
Location: PC-P105
> Tue Jul 8-Aug 12
WCE 384 004
Deadline: Jul 1
Location: PC-P105

Taught by Linda Peete, E-RYT, this class includes traditional yoga poses, breath work, balance, relaxation, and meditation. These elements are sequenced into a practice that fully encompasses mind, body, and spirit. This class is designed for those who enjoy practicing at a more relaxed pace. Bring a yoga mat and yoga block, and dress in a way that allows for unrestricted movement.
> Sat Jul 19-Aug 9
WCE 971 002
Deadline: Jul 10
Location: PC-P105

Ayurveda, translated from original Sanskrit as Life Knowledge, is known as the “sister science” to yoga. Linda Peete, E-RYT, will introduce the principles of Ayurveda including its daily practices, “dosha” awareness, and the Five Element Theory. You will explore Ayurveda’s direct relationship to all your choices in life, especially as it relates to eating, daily care, meditation, and yoga.
Class will include both lecture and yoga; please dress for movement and bring a yoga mat, towel, and blanket or small pillow. Suitable for all levels.
> Thu Jul 24
WCE 941 002
Deadline: Jul 17
Location: PC-D244

This group mat Pilates class can begin your introduction to Pilates or be a continuation of your current practice. Casey Coon, ACSM, will guide you through modifications and variations for all fitness levels. The unique exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. Bring a mat and small hand towel.
> Thu May 22-Jun 26
WCE 383 003
Deadline: May 15
Location: PC-P105
> Thu Jul 10-Aug 14
WCE 383 004
Deadline: Jul 2
Location: PC-P105

Dehydrated fascia can be a result of many factors including everyday stress, overuse, and age. Learn how to rehydrate this essential system for vibrant health using specialized MELT¨ balls for hands and feet with Linda Peete, E-RYT. We will explore a method of self-treatment aimed at releasing stuck tension and providing relief from pain in the neck, low back, feet, and hands.
Please bring a yoga mat or large towel and a bottle of water.
> Thu Jul 10
WCE 975 001
Deadline: Jul 2
Location: PC-D244

Do your feet ache? Do you have poor balance, ankle instability, bunions, or flat feet? If you don’t currently have foot problems, would you like to prevent them? Join Healthy Foot Practitioner Rachel Hills to learn stretching, strengthening, and alignment techniques to restore and maintain foot health. We’ll also discuss foot structure and nerve function, standing and walking with healthy foot alignment, the impacts of foot health on whole body health, and healthy footwear options. All feet are welcome!
Please dress in comfortable layers and bring a mat, a large towel, and a tennis ball.
> Tue Jun 3-17
WCE 942 002
Deadline: May 27
Location: PC-P106

What is Reflexology and how does it relate to your well-being? Norma Palumbo, RN and certified reflexologist, will help you discover that reflexology, while focused on specific pressure points in the feet, is about the whole body. Learn myths, perceptions, history, and benefits surrounding this practice of mind, body, and spirit.
> Thu Jun 12
WCE 974 001
Deadline: Jun 5
Location: HP-H101

Dodds Athletic Complex
Parkland ID required!

Summer Hours:
June 16 - August 7
Monday - Thursday: 7 am - 7 pm
Friday: 7 am - 5pm
Saturday: 7 am - noon

Fall/Spring semester Hours:

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