Student Leadership Academy

Student Leadership Academy

The Parkland College Office of Student Life Leadership Academy is a program to develop leadership skills so students can excel and make a difference in leadership roles here on campus, in the workforce, and in our community.

The Student Leadership Academy helps develop those skills through:

  • In-depth discussions and workshops
  • Hands-on, practical leadership practice
  • Goal setting for meaningful growth and change
  • Networking and building relationships

To succeed after college, students need more than just a degree and specific job skills. In today’s marketplace, organizations are looking for experienced leaders that are ethical, driven, well-organized communicators with the ability to motivate, empower, and energize others.  

How to Get Involved

The Student Leadership Academy can be completed with as few as 12 hours of additional time commitment throughout a student's* academic career at Parkland College. You can complete the program at your own pace by completing the necessary workshops and practical leadership experience. Students attend one workshop for each of the six core leadership skills, and four hours of practical leadership experience.

Recognition and Scholarships

Students who complete the Student Leadership Academy are invited to the annual Student Life Banquet, receive a certificate of completion, are eligible for the Student Leadership Academy scholarship, and have this achievement notated on their official Parkland College transcript. 

Student Leadership Academy Guide 

Visit the SLA Sway for more information, the calendar of events, and to join the Academy.

Student Leadership Academy Guide
Welcome to the Student Leadership Academy. This guide will include information about the Student Leadership Academy, how you can get involved, and a schedule of events.
Go to this Sway

*All Parkland students taking 3+ credit hours are eligible to participate 

Contact the Office of Student Life at 217/351-2492 or email for more information.