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> KIN 103: Exercise fitness course (1credit hour)
> KIN 147: Strength training course (1credit hour)
> KIN 203: Exercise fitness II course - includes use of a trainer 2x/week (1credit hour)
> KIN 247: Strength training II course - includes use of a trainer 2x/week (1credit hour)
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Credit course information:

  • Online orientation:
    This mandatory online orientation introduces the students to the fitness center rules and course requirements including the syllabus.

  • Pre-assessment on Body Age:
    Baseline measurements will be recorded in Body Age including height, weight, blood pressure, flexibility, biceps strength, and body composition. Pre-assessments are typically offered between the hours of 9 am and noon on a first come, first served basis for the first two weeks of the semester. Refer to the syllabus to confirm once enrolled.

  • Exercise history and workout plan:
    Submit the following information to the instructor through Cobra Learning:
    1) age and fitness/strength training/athletic/activity history
    2) nutritional habits
    3) pertinent medical history
    4) questions about Body Age results
    5) your goal in this class for this semester
    6) if you have a workout program for the semester or need help in designing one

  • Workout minutes:
    Students log workout minutes in the fitness center to earn grade points. These minutes can be logged anytime the facility is open for KIN 103 and KIN 147. For KIN 203 and  KIN 247 students will have set times twice per week to train with a personal trainer. These times will be set based on the schedules of the course assistant, personal trainer, and student. The personal trainers are either graduates of the Parkland College PFT program, or pursuing the completion of that program.

  • Post-assessment:
    Baseline measurements re-evaluated at the end of the semester
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The Center is closed on college holidays and may have reduced hours between semesters. Click for campus hours.

Our programs are NSCA-ERP recognized personal training program and Polar showcase school.

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