About us

The Prospectus is Parkland College’s award-winning student newspaper and has been in constant production since late 1968. Our reporters, contributors, and editors are exclusively students of Parkland College with a variety of majors and career interests, not just communication and journalism. We provide an outlet for students to further develop their writing, photography, communication, time management, and critical thinking skills while producing a quality, trusted source of news for Parkland-goers. 

The Prospectus’ mission is 

  • To create high quality, accurate, and meaningful reporting 
  • Publish a variety of student voices and work to reflect the diverse community of Parkland 
  • Give students the opportunity to work as a team, develop their skills, and enrich their learning 

How to get involved

A student can join the Prospectus staff by:
  • Being awarded a 50% scholarship!
  • Being hired as a student worker!
  • Joining as an intern!


The reporter is responsible for writing a weekly article, attending weekly staff meetings, and distributing papers around campus. This is a great way to improve your writing and communication skills, be part of a creative team, and better know Parkland College and the community.


The editor is critical leadership position. Editors are responsible for writing a weekly article, editing reporters’ articles, leading pitch meetings, and determining the vision for the Prospectus.


The photographer is responsible for creating a photo essay every week. These photos will be used in the newspaper, the website, and social media. Being a photographer is a great way to improve your photography, develop a portfolio, and collaborate with other student staff members. 


The designer is responsible for creating the layout of the paper every week. This includes working with the Prospectus staff to ensure that the paper is accurate, includes all of the weekly content, and contains the proper advertisements. The designer also creates visual elements for reporters’ stories, marketing materials for the Prospectus, and the layout of the Images Magazine. This position is a great way to develop a portfolio, improve your graphic design skills, work on a deadline and as part of a team.

Digital Editor

The digital editor is responsible for updating the Prospectus’ website and social media accounts. This involves collaborating with the photographer and designer to schedule social media posts, create a social media engagement plan, and work with reporters to create content solely for the website.

Images Magazine Editor 

The Images magazine is Parkland’s annual literary and visual arts magazine. The editor is responsible for creating a theme for the magazine, working with the designer to create the layout of the magazine, coordinate a marketing plan to encourage student submissions, and overseeing student judges. This position is a great way to develop your leadership skills and work closely with staff and faculty. 

Create your own 

The Prospectus strives to be an open and collaborative learning environment for Parkland students. We seek to include students from various backgrounds and majors. We are accepting of new ideas and new ways for students to be involved with the Prospectus. Sample positions could be:
  • Cartoonist
  • Crossword puzzle maker
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Social Media manager

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Work with us!

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The Prospectus strives to promote the voices of all Parkland students, not just the student staff. Parkland students can also submit work to be published in the Prospectus, even if they are not part of the staff. These submissions can be non-fiction, fiction, photographs, cartoons, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor. To learn more visit 

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