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Student Government Elections

The Parkland College Student Government elections are held annually in the Spring for Senators and Executive offices.   All positions not filled by election during the spring will be elected in the fall.

We invite all Parkland College students to meet the candidates below and then take a moment to vote for your 2020-2021 Student Government representatives.

Election Ballot-VOTE HERE

Meet the Candidates


Jadin Elliott


I am running for Student Trustee because I believe students voices need to be heard at all levels of Parkland College.  I have been at Parkland for 3 years and have enjoyed every bit of it.  I am actually a Parkland Pathway student so I have a rather interesting perspective getting to see how the college interacts with other colleges and prepares students for life beyond Parkland. I have been an officer in PTK and Science Club, involved with APO and CRU and a senator for Student Government during my time so far.  I look forward to continuing to actively participate in clubs and organizations at Parkland while also helping others find where they belong at the college.  If you would like to come talk to me about my previous experiences with various clubs at Parkland I can often be found in the Student Life office and would love to talk to you!  Please also know that if you have any particular issues you would like to be brought up at meetings with the college feel free to come and discuss them with me.  I believe that sometimes students' voices can drown out the farther away we get from day to day interactions with students and that is why it is so important for the Student Trustee to be actively involved at the college so that students' voices are heard at meetings.  Disability awareness is especially dear to me because I am disabled myself and I am always willing to give advice and advocacy for individuals with disabilities both in the college and out in the job force.  Please stop by Student Life if you’d like to get to know me and I’d love to see you!


Victoire Badi Mukumayi



I am Victoire Badi Mukumayi ‘23 grew up in Lubumbashi, D.R. Congo and Graduated from the International High School of Kapolowe named Institute Kyangalele. At Kyangalele, Victoire participated in the Leadership Institute and Student Government. He also participated as team captain of the soccer team and earned several awards in regional honor as one of four best defenders in the competition. At Parkland College, Victoire plans to pursue electrical engineering. He is a member of the International Student Association, TRIO, and the Student Government where he is the president (2019- 2020). After graduation, Victoire plans to spend the summer traveling in Europe before attending the engineering school at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana where he will pursue a major in electrical engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering. 


Lydia Gallaher



Lydia Gallaher is running for Parkland Student Government President.  Lydia graduated Urbana Highschool in 2018, She is in her third semester at Parkland College, she’s been a part of the Parkland Student Government since her first semester, starting as a senator and finishing her role as student trustee.  Lydia is seeking a degree in Culinary Management, she hopes to attend culinary school after her time at Parkland. Her main reason for being a part of Student Government is to be able to make a difference at Parkland.  She wants to better the student experience at Parkland whether it’s adult students or students enrolling right out of high school, she wants to help them find their place at Parkland and be able to grow and flourish at the college.  She also wants to help Parkland’s campus become more sustainable, being environmentally friendly is very important to her.  As a leader, she feels that it’s very important to hold herself accountable and be aware of what goes on, on campus. Lydia is committed to representing all students and the college with the highest level of integrity.



JuYoung Jones

jeyoung small size

Hello, I am Ju Young Jones and I am the Secretary of student government at Parkland College. Originating from Georgia, I have lived in this area for three years. I am an artist and on my free time,  I like to explore new ideas and people. The most important thing to me at parkland is helping other students be made aware of resources and opportunities we have. Additionally, I would also like to help voice the opinions and ideas of my peers according to their needs. 





Brianne Stone

Brianne Stone (2)

Hi my name is Brianne Stone. I am running for the position of Senator in the Student Government. I feel Like I would make a great senator because I was previously in Student Government before. I am currently a Secondary Education Major. I want to teach high school history and Math. I plan on transferring to Eastern Illinois University when my time at Parkland comes to an end. I am 33 years old and I bring a lot of experience to student government, not only life experience but also Parkland experience. I will also be at Parkland a bit longer than most because I have changed my major and changed it back and I originally did not think that I wanted to be a math teacher but here I am. The reason that I want to run for senator is because I want to give back to the most amazing community, I have had the chance to be a part of, Parkland College. I feel like I have grown so much as a person, especially my confidence. I have come out of my shell so much while I have been at Parkland, it has been amazing. I feel like if I can give back just a tiny portion of what Parkland has given me then I should. That is why I am running for senator. I am married and have been for the last 3 and a half years. I am the mom of two lovely guinea pigs named Jack and Archie. I really hope that you will vote, I know things are weird this time around because of the virus. I hope you decide to give me a chance to give back to some time and energy to someplace that I truly care about. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. Go Vote.

Samy Mackey

sam mackey small

As I was growing up, my intention had always been about stand up for the people in need, the unheard and to the injustice. I have decided to run for student government because I believe that I can be part of positive change around Parkland campus. In my previous school, I was the team captain of the soccer team and a member of Math honor society. I was also a tutor and a translator to the foreign student who speak French. I have learned a lot about leadership and commitment through my job. I am currently a guardian at my job, so I basically work with new hires. With these experiences that I have acquired, I believe that I am qualified to be a member of the student government. To begin with, my deep desire is to implement positive change around Parkland campus. As a parkland student, one of my concern is about involvement and engagement. For instance, back to my first year as a parkland student, I felt isolate and disconnect to other students. As a senator, I will make sure that students from every background participate in school activities such as (science talk, clubs...) so that they don’t feel left behind. If I get elected as a minority student, I will make sure that people of color are aware of opportunities and resources around parkland to help them succeed because they are more likely to drop out of college. The last thing that I would like to accomplish during my term is engaging students in applying for scholarship that are out there and unaware from students. I hope that by voting for me, we will make these changes happen.   

Itorobong Asanga 


 My name is Asanga Itorobong but I’m usually called IB. I am Nigerian and I would be eighteen in the fall. I’m a Theater major at Parkland college. This is my second semester here, the fall semester making it my third. After spending a year here at parkland and settling into the community, I have decided to run for the position of a senator in the student government.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with participation, community service and getting involved in my community. The way I believe I contribute best to my community and help people around me has always been service through leadership.Through middle school to high school, I was in the Students’ Representative Council. For two years I was a class prefect and during the second tenure, I handled the responsibility while simultaneously being the prefect of a whole arm of the school until I graduated. My point is that one thing I really enjoy aside from performing arts is getting busy with service. I am not the most extroverted person but I am good at working with people, communicating and diplomatically relaying information to authority. I am dedicated to whatever I do and do not decide to go for anything unless it is backed by passion. My goal as a senator in the student government will be to be the voice and means through which Parkland students express their needs, problems and interests to authority.
 I have a lot to offer but yet only so much I can write. Backed with my experience in leadership, my passion, values and dedication, I know that I would be more than able to take up this responsibility as a senator in the student government if I am given the opportunity to.


Voting of the 2020-2021 Student Government Association will be held from Monday, April 6th 8:00am through Friday, April 10th, 5:00pm through an online election process.  


Election Ballot-VOTE HERE


Feel free to contact Evie Newman, SGA Advisor at for any questions.

 Meet our 2019-2020 Student Government Association

 Lydia Gallaher-Student Trustee 


 Lydia is the current Student Trustee of Parkland, she joined student government to be able to help and interact with students.

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:50 am-12:40 pm, Student Welcome Desk.









Victoire Mukumayi- President



 Victoire B Mukumayi is a student at Parkland College.  Victoire's passion for student advocacy began since high school back in DRC when he joined the SGA as a senator.  As the SGA President, it is his priority to ensure that student voices do not go unheard and that leadership opportunities are expanded in the Parkland Community. In his free time, Victoire like to read, write, volunteer, and travel.  Victoire is excited to build on the foundation that the previous SGA administrations have created by working on new policies to better serve the students.  He is looking forward to all of the initiatives the SGA has planned for students this year.  Go ahead Cobra!

Office Hours: Monday 9:30 - 11:00 am, Tuesday 4:00-6:00 pm, Thursday 1:00-2:00 pm, Student Welcome Desk.





Emma Fleming- Vice President




My name is Emma and I am the Vice President for SGA.  I'm involved in SGA because I think it is important to be involved in the environment in which I spend the most time.  I also look forward to helping other students in any way that I can.  

Office Hours: 1:00-3:00 pm, Student Welcome Desk














Jessica Whisenand

jessica whisenand637085681094506171


 Hi! My name is Jessica Whisenand and I am running for Treasurer of Student Government.  I am a full-time student at Parkland College.  I work at Staerkel Planetarium, and I am also the current treasurer for Parkland’s Japanese Culture Club.  This semester, I have also joined Phi Theta Kappa and Homework Club.  I strongly believe that being involved in student organizations and being active in your school’s community is an important part of being a student. Student organizations are a great way to meet new people, share your interests with others, and can be a great outlet for new students to build a supportive network.  

My main goal as treasurer is to establish and maintain a working budget for all the wonderful organizations offered at Parkland.  As I believe in the importance of these groups, I will do everything I can to help support and ensure that student organizations can function effectively and fairly.  All students here at Parkland College should feel empowered and supported by the school, and I want to help build a sense of community and pride within our school through student organizations. I sincerely want to do as much as I can to help build our Parkland community, and I hope that I will have the chance to do so as Treasurer of Parkland's Student Government.   

 Jadin Elliott- Senator


Over the past 2 years I have spent a lot of time in the Student Life office and have become accustomed to how things work throughout the college.  I have also participated in several of the clubs Parkland has to offer and I encourage others to do so as well.  I am currently a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and have been a member of Alpha Phi Omega and also Parkland Science Club.  If you would like to come talk to me about my previous experiences with various clubs at Parkland I can often be found in the Student Life office and would love to talk to you!  Please also know that if you have any particular issues you would like to be brought up at meetings with the college feel free to come and discuss them with me.  

Disability awareness is especially dear to me because I am disabled myself and I am always willing to give advice and advocacy for individuals with disabilities both in the college and out in the job force.  Please stop by Student Life if you would like to get to know me and I would love to see you!

Office Hours: TBD

 Stivenson Jean-Baptiste- Senator




Hi, my name is Stivenson and I am a Senator for Student Government.  I chose to be a part of SGA because I want to be the voice of students who are not always heard.  I want to make a difference and get involved in student leadership.

Office Hours: 11:00 am-1:00 pm, Student Welcome Desk







 Rick Loma-Senator

rick loma pic


My name is Rick Loma and I'm currently a freshman at Parkland college. I was born in Cameroon, Africa and travelled here at a young age. Through the adversity of being an immigrant and a minority I have prospered in a system that was not built for me. I know there's a lot of students who go through the same struggles as I do and I want to be a voice for them all. What I want to do is make sure that Parkland College is a place built for everyone. I'm not an activist or future politician i'm just a down to earth charismatic student with a vision, and if I am voted into office I will make sure that everybody eats.






Dustin Payton-Senator



 My name is Dustin S. Payton, I am new to Illinois and thus far I have been welcomed with open arms and love. I believe that I have the acquired skills needed to promote student learning, and voice. 

 I would like to give back to this community as it has so welcomingly accepted me. 







Brittany Orr- Senator

Brianne Stone-President (8)637050199752269164


For more information.

Hard copies of the Election checklist packet;  job descriptions, petitions, and election information are available in the Office of Student Life front desk, Room U111 or from the Coordinator of Student Life, Room U120. Questions? Call the Office of Student Life at 217/351-2492 or the Office of Student Government at 217/351-2227.

Any questions can be directed to Evie Newman, SGA Advisor at or the Office of Student Life at U-111.