Student Government

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Student Government Association Elections! (1)

Why Join?

The Parkland College Student Government Association (SGA) provides unique opportunities for students to build relationships, enhance leadership skills, become civically engaged, and maximize their college experiences. 

Staff members in the Office of Student Life, who are deeply committed to the development of the students, advise student Government.

Who is Eligible to run for Student Government?

• Students enrolled in at least six credit hours this semester.

• Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at the time of their nomination and maintain this standing.

Student Government Duties:

All Student Government members upon winning their seat in Student Government Elections will be expected, regardless of position, to:

• Attend all weekly SGA meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 in U-114.

• Attend any special SGA meetings as called by the SGA President.

• Hold a weekly office hour.

• Volunteer for various SGA sponsored events and community service initiatives.

• Serve on campus committees as appointed by the SGA President.

• Attend Spring Leadership trainings.

• Should be professional, responsible, reliable, articulate, and able to reach out to students to bring a student perspective where is needed.

Available Positions


Shall serve as member of the Programming Fund Council. Shall make reports to the SGA Senate regarding changes in budgets and fiscal policies

7 Senator seats

Shall have the authority to raise legislation necessary and proper for the execution of its duties.

For more information about all the SGA positions please attend our Informational meeting and speak directly with graduating SGA members.


For more information.

Hard copies of the Election checklist packet;  job descriptions, petitions, and election information are available in the Office of Student Government, Room U117 or from the Coordinator of Student Life, Room U120. Questions? Call the Office of Student Life at 217/351-2492 or the Office of Student Government at 217/351-2227.

Any questions can be directed to Evie Newman, SGA Advisor at or the Office of Student Life at U-111.