Clubs and Organizations

With nearly 20 active student organizations to choose from, there is something for everyone at Parkland College. Joining a student club lets you make new friends, serve your community, plan events, explore your interests, expand your talents, and build an impressive résumé of civic involvement. 

For information on how to join an organization, restart an inactive organization, or start a new one altogether, contact Activities Program Manager Josh Clark at or 217/353-2627.

Student Organization Manual

Everything you need to know to run a successful student organization.

Active Student Organizations

Ag Club (Phi Alpha Chi)

This organization supports and promotes the interests of the Agricultural programs at Parkland College, including recruitment and retention.  

Email: Phi Alpha Chi

Alpha Phi Omega

Our organization's focus is on building friendships, improving leadership skills, and on helping our community in the CU area by volunteering at various different events/organizations around the CU area and Parkland.  

Email: Alpha Phi Omega


Art & Design Club

The purpose of the Art and Design Club is to enhance, enrich and foster members' exposure to art and creativity through various extra-curricular events including artist' talks, trips to art exhibition, technical demonstrations/workshops, professional development opportunities and hosting visiting artists.  The student-run organization is dedicated to supporting and promoting artistic development and a sense of community within the Art and Design program and Parkland College.

Email: Art & Design Club


Astronomy Club

The Parkland Astronomy Club shares topics of astronomical and general scientific interest and promotes scientific learning and discovery on campus and in the community. 

Email: Astronomy Club

Board Game Club

Parkland Board gamers meet to get together to play, learn, and teach new games to bring together fellow students that love board games.

Email: Parkland Board Game Club


Club Latino

Club Latino is for those who want to serve their community, learn about Hispanic/Latino culture and want to have fun.  We spend our time doing service activities, kick-back activities and having club meetings where we discuss what we want to do next.  Join us for free pizza!

Email: Club Latino

Cobra Investment Society

The Cobra Investment Society is a student organization dedicated to learning about the stock market, private equity, and real estate.  Our meetings consist of investment analysis, stock market discussions, and exploration of macroeconomic trends.  Occasionally, we will have guest speakers working in the investment industry to share their experiences and advice.  Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate the next generation of investors.

Email: Cobra Investment Society


Engineering Club

Mechanical, Computer, and Electrical engineering all combined into one great club:  The Engineering Club!  Do you have ideas for projects you wan to work on or need help figuring out how to build?  Curious mind that wants to get hands-on experience with engineering projects and concepts?  Then the Engineering Club can help you!

Email: Engineering Club


International Students Association

The International Students Organization is designed to promote social and friendship opportunities to the international student community at Parkland College.  ISA hosts events such as an international fashion show each year.  All students are welcome to come have fun with us!

Email: International Students Association

Japanese Culture Club

Explore common interests in Japanese culture and experiences along with students of the Japanese language. Japanese Culture Club provide opportunities for Parkland students to have fun learning about Japanese art forms, history, language, food, and more.

Email: Japanese Culture Club

Parkland College Student Education Association (PCSEA)

The Parkland College Student Education Association provides students with professional opportunities, support, resources, and network in order for them to lead here at school, in our community, and in the schools we one-day strive to lead as teachers.  PCSEA is an accepting, determined, and educated group of students who are working together to benefit each other and our futures as educators!

Email: PCSEA

Parkland Motorsports

The Parkland Motorsports Club provides activities that enhance learning, develops team work and leadership skills, and provides networking opportunities for students in the Parkland Automotive program. The club offers opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom and take pride in their program and school.

Email: Parkland Motorsports

Parkland Scholars Group

Parkland Scholars encourages academic success, creative expression and diversity appreciation.

Email: Parkland Scholars


Parkland Science Club

The Parkland Science Club aims to bring students together to explore and discuss many different disciplines of science.  We have hands-on activities and guest speakers that discuss topics such as research and science careers.  Everyone is welcome-you do not need to be a science major to join!

Email:  Parkland Science Club

Parkland PRIDE!

Parkland PRIDE is a student group that encourages collaboration, fellowship, and awareness regarding the spectrum of sexual and gender identities, and embraces membership from students of all affinities.

Email: Parkland PRIDE!

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the official general honor society of two-year colleges.  To be eligible, a student must have completed at least 12 hours of college-level  coursework and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.  Membership benefits include access to millions of dollars of exclusive scholarships, guidance for college transfers, online professional development programs for students in transfer and workforce pathways, leadership opportunities, networking, and travel to regional and national conferences.  Our award-winning chapter also participates in campus community, and volunteer projects. 

Email: Phi Theta Kappa


Rad Tech Club

Support students in the radiologic technology program and fundraising efforts to support our special events. Students will pay $5 as yearly dues to participate. Participants are students in the Rad Tech program.

Email: Rad Tech Club

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA)

This is a student chapter of the American Dental Hygienists' Association.  ADHA Student Chapters are officially recognized organizations that operate within dental hygiene programs across the country.  You must be a dental hygiene student to participate.  Our mission is to promote oral health and assist in the community with oral health education.

Email: SADHA


Student Veterans Association at Parkland (SVAP)

SVAP is a place to provide camaraderie between veterans, provide assistance to outside veterans resources, provide awareness of veterans issues.

Email: Student Veterans Association at Parkland

Veterinary Technology Club

Our club promotes understanding of our profession, enhances our relationship with the general public, and promotes a professional image and high ethical standards of the Veterinary Technician.

Email: Vet Tech Club