Clubs and Organizations

With nearly 30 active student organizations to choose from, there is something for everyone at Parkland College. Joining a student club lets you make new friends, serve your community, plan events, explore your interests, expand your talents, and build an impressive résumé of civic involvement. For information on how to join an organization, restart an inactive organization, or start a new one altogether, call the Office of Student Life at 217/351-2492 or contact Activities Program Manager Josh Clark at or 217/353-2627.

Student Organization Manual 

Everything you need to know to run a successful student organization.



Club ACCESS creates awareness of issues and opportunities for students with varying abilities as well as provides networking and support for these students. The club is open to all students of various abilities and to all students who wish to be allies. Club Access

Alpha Phi Omega

The Parkland College chapter (Alpha Zeta Omega) of this national service fraternity helps students develop leadership skills, promotes friendship among members, and provides service to the community. Alpha Phi Omega

Astronomy Club

This club for students interested in astronomy offers club scholarships for students taking Astronomy courses. Advisor: Erik Johnson

Board Game Club

This club explores and engages in a large variation for board games and roleplaying game. It connects student gamers campus wide with a passion for games. Board Game Club

Brother 2 Brother

Geared to support the college experience for Black males at Parkland College, this group helps identify the scope of African American issues as they relate to intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Brother 2 Brother

Club Latino

Club Latino works to create awareness of the Latino/a heritage and culture by developing a community for learning and growth for all students. The group is open to students interested in Latino/a issues and perspectives. Club Latino

Criminal Justice Club

Student members gain hands-on experience and exploration of the criminal justice field. Criminal Justice Club is open to all students interested in this career field. Criminal Justice Club

German Club

German Club promotes the study and application of the German language and cultural aspects of the nation. It is open to fluent speakers and those learning the language, as well as other interested students. German Club

International Students Association

Enjoy learning about the traditional cultural aspects and contemporary perspectives of international students at Parkland College. The ISA is open to all students interested in these goals. Advisor: Amber Landis

Japanese Culture Club

Explore common interests in Japanese culture and experiences along with students of the Japanese language. Japanese Culture Club is open to fluent speakers and those learning the Japanese language, as well as those interested in our stated goals. Advisor: Travis Sola

Parkland College Student Education Association (PCSEA)

Interested in a career in education? You can develop contacts and educational experiences through this pre-professional program. Advisor: Charles Larenas

Parkland CRU

Interested in Bible-guided study and worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth? This group may interest you; you’ll also develop contacts with other chapters nationwide. Cru is open to all students interested in supporting these goals. Advisor: Christina Beatty

Parkland Motorsports

The Parkland Motorsports Club provides activities that enhance learning, develops team work and leadership skills, and provides networking opportunities for students in the Parkland Automotive program. The club offers opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom and take pride in their program and school. Advisor: Jon Ross

Parkland PRIDE!

This group supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and seeks to educate the Parkland community on issues related to the LGBTQ population. Parkland Pride! is open to all students regardless of sexual orientation, as well as to all students who wish to be allies. Advisor: Tanino Minneci, Sara Maxwell

Parkland Running Club

The Running Club meets twice a week for group runs around Parkland College and other sites around the Champaign-Urbana community. This club is open to all Parkland students interested in starting or continuing a weekly running routine, staying healthy and relieving stress through exercise, meeting new people, and doing fun group running activities. Advisor: Joe Bails

Parkland Scholars Group

This community for Parkland scholars and honors students focuses on service learning, recruitment, and retention. Advisor: Marsh Jones

Phi Alpha Chi (AG Club)

This organization supports and promotes the interests of the Agricultural programs at Parkland College, including recruitment and retention. Advisor: Jenni Fridgen, Kaizad Irani

Phi Theta Kappa

Parkland’s chapter (Alpha Psi Eta) of this international honor society for two-year colleges provides leadership development and service opportunities for young scholars as well as recognizes and encourages scholarly achievements. Phi Theta Kappa

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA)

Students in the Dental Hygiene program can receive support through this pre-professional organization offering service learning, recruitment, and retention events and opportunities. SADHA

Science Club

The goal of the science club is to bring together students to create a forum to explore and discuss the many different disciplines of science. Everyone is welcome -- you don't need to be a science major to join! Science Club

Social Justice Club

To promote equality and justice, and address issues that impact our campus community. Advisor: Evelyn Reynolds

Student Government

Student Government administers student affairs and acts on behalf of the student body to; provide a means of student expression and activity appropriate for such an organization.  Encourage/promote interest in college affairs and activities, make aware student needs, opinions, and attitudes, promote and develop activities that enrich social, cultural, and academic life at Parkland.  Advisor: Evie Newman

Student Nurses Association at Parkland (SNAP)

SNAP supports and promotes the interests of students in the Parkland Nursing program through events and activities involving service learning, recruitment, and retention. SNAP

Student Veterans Association at Parkland (SVAP)

This organization supports and assists U.S. Military veterans transitioning from service to civilian life as it concerns returning to the educational environment. SVAP

Surgical Technology Club

Students in the Surgical Technology program can share clinical experiences, develop their leadership skills and professionalism, and support each other throughout their growth in the program through this club. Surgical Technology Club

Veterinary Technology Club

The VTA supports and promotes the interests of students in the Veterinary Technology program at Parkland College, through pre-professional activities that focus on service learning, recruitment, and retention. Vet Tech Club