College Policies

Statement of Core Values

As an institution of learning, Parkland College cultivates inquiry, practical application of knowledge, and broad enrichment across our community. The following values are important to the fulfillment of Parkland College’s mission to provide programs and services of high quality to our students and community.

  • Honesty and Integrity

In our daily operations, our classrooms, and all of our interactions, it is essential that we communicate openly, truthfully, and without hypocrisy.

  • Fairness and Just Treatment

We advocate and strive for respect, equity, and justice in all of our operations and proceedings.

  • Responsibility

We believe that employees and students are personally and mutually accountable for their actions as they carry out their duties. We understand the need to balance the pursuit of our own well-being with concern for others. Likewise, we understand the importance of balancing personal accountability with graciousness in the acceptance of help from others.

  • Multiculturalism

We celebrate the diversity in both our community and our world. Our goal is to recognize, promote, utilize, and educate one another regarding the unique qualities and shared humanity of all people and cultures.

  • Education

We provide a forum for innovation, critical thinking, open inquiry, and lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Public Trust

In our efforts to serve the community, we honor the trust placed in us by our citizenry. We also rely on our community to guide and advise us as we continue to serve its needs.


Parkland College Restroom Access Statement

Parkland College strives to create and sustain a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community, including visitors. One aspect of creating a comfortable environment is providing safe, accessible, and convenient restroom facilities. Many people may experience difficulty and inconvenience when required to use gender-specific restrooms. Parents with children of a different gender are not able to accompany them into a gender-specific restroom and the same holds true for others with attendants/caregivers of a different gender. Additionally, transgender/gender nonconforming individuals may be subject to harassment or violence when using male- or female-specific restrooms. Consequently, this statement has been developed to declare the College’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive campus environment.

In keeping with the College’s policy of nondiscrimination, the College allows individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender-related identity.

In addition, the College is committed to designating and maintaining a gender-neutral restroom in as many of its buildings as reasonably feasible. In some instances, a designated gender-neutral restroom may contain multiple stalls. Additionally, the College is committed to include at least one gender-neutral restroom in new buildings constructed on campus to the extent feasible. 

[1] “Gender-specific” means designated for use by one gender, i.e., male or female. 

[2] "Gender-related identity" means an individual's actual or perceived gender, including an individual's self-image, appearance, expression, or behavior, whether or not that self-image, appearance, expression, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the individual's sex at birth as being either female or male.


gender neutral map 2019 png

  • M wing 1st floor lounges
  • B wing 1st floor lounge
  • U wing by cafeteria

Student Records and Privacy

 A student’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or transgender/gender non-conforming status is the student’s private information. It is the student’s choice whether to discuss these private matters openly, keep this information private, or a combination of both. No college employee may disclose any information that might reasonably indicate the student’s identity or status without the student’s express consent to do so. 

Name Preference

A transgender/gender non-conforming student should be addressed by the name and pronouns of their choice in most all communications*, verbal and written. A court-ordered name change or physical gender change is not required in these circumstances. (*Exempted from this expectation are correspondences that the college must use legal name for such as, but not limited to, financial aid documents, tax document, and transcripts.)

Contact the Office and Admissions and Records-Registrar if you would like your displayed name to be different from your legal name.