Health Record Documentation

Deadline: July 15 - All required documentation must be received by July 15

Certified Background ( is the company that Parkland College has designated as the repository for health record information. All information will be uploaded to Certified Background. Your Program Director will provide the information you need to sign into Certified Background and create an account.


Scanning Documents:

You will be scanning and uploading documents to the CastleBranch background website. If you do not own a scanner, the Parkland Library offers FREE scanning to Parkland students.Health profession students may also use the scanner located at H wing at no cost.


Tuberculosis Test:

You will need to schedule an appointment with your physician or nurse practitioner to have the first of your two-step T.B. test (two Mantoux T.B. tests given one to three weeks apart) completed. If you are already working in a health care facility you may have had a two-step T.B. test done when you started working, in which case you will need to submit verification of those dates and the dates of yearly updates. T.B. testing can also be done at your local Public Health Department.

If you have had a positive T.B. test in the past, you will need to submit a copy of a follow-up xray report and a physician’s statement saying you are free of symptoms.

*The one step T.B. test will be required annually while you are enrolled in our program.


Hepatitis B vaccine:

Submit proof of all three doses. If you have not had the vaccine and choose not to be vaccinated, please complete and submit a declination form found on the Parkland Health Profession website under "Health Forms".


Healthcare Provider CPR:

Submit proof of current CPR certification by making a copy of both sides of your CPR card. If you are not already certified, register for a health care provider class this summer. Visit Parkland Business Training for information on summer CPR courses.


If you are certified through the American Heart Association, it is a two-year certification. It is suggested that you complete the certification in June or early July so that you will remain current throughout our two-year program. (If your CPR certification expires in the middle of a semester, you will be required to re-certify prior to that semester in order to be enrolled in clinical courses.)