Dress Code

Appropriate dress for clinical areas includes:

    • A polo shirt with a collar (color to be assigned), with embroidered Parkland EMS Student logo purchased specifically for class.
    • Dress slacks or skirt in navy blue or black, or agency-approved uniform pants.
    • Dress shoes, or black or white leather athletic shoes.  All shoes must be clean and polished.  No canvas tennis shoes.
    • Parkland College EMS Student Identification badge for the hospital when clinical is done.
    • No perfume or cologne.
    • One set of stud earrings per ear.  No other visible piercings allowed.
    • One plain metal ring only.
    • No tongue jewelry allowed.
    • Skin art must be covered.

All attire must be clean and wrinkle-free.  Students must wear the student identification tags supplied by the clinical area.  No other pins or insignia shall be worn.

Any student not meeting the above expectation will not be allowed to do clinical time until his/her appearance is improved to meet this standard.