Rescue Assistance

Rescue Assistance Areas

Rescue Assistance Areas are gathering points for individuals who need evacuation assistance in the event of a campus emergency. These areas have been identified across campus and marked with illuminated signs.
If you require assistance evacuating the campus in the case of an emergency, go to one of the following designated areas. Rescue personnel will check these areas in the event of a campus evacuation. If necessary, use the emergency phone to dial 911. 

  • A wing: 2nd floor near the elevator
  • B Wing: 2nd floor, men’s restroom
  • C wing: 2nd floor near the C-3 stairway (West side)
  • D Wing: 2nd floor, restrooms
  • L Wing: 2nd floor, women’s restroom
  • M wing: 2nd floor near M109
  • X Wing: 2nd floor, men’s restroom
  • X Wing: 3rd floor, restrooms
  • U wing: 2nd and 3rd floors (East stairwells)
  • Library: Main floor (2nd Level), restrooms

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locations

Main Building

  • A Wing:  1st floor, near A116, Human Resources
  • A Wing:  1st floor, outside A160, Public Safety Main Office
  • A Wing:  1st floor, inside A160, Public Safety Main Office, Medical Room
  • B Wing:  1st floor, near B117
  • C Wing:  Theater Lobby, north wall
  • C Wing: 2nd floor near the C3 stairway
  • D Wing:  2nd floor, near D244
  • Library: 2nd floor, between restrooms
  • L Wing:  2nd floor, near elevator
  • M Wing:  1st floor, near Men’s restroom
  • M Wing:  Planetarium Lobby, near entrance
  • X Wing:  College Center, near elevator
  • X Wing:  College Center, inside Public Safety Substation
  • X Wing: 2nd floor, near Men’s restroom
  • X Wing: 3rd floor, near restrooms
  • U Wing:  1st floor Student Union, near elevator
  • U Wing:  2nd floor Student Union, near elevator
  • U Wing:  3rd floor Student Union, near elevator

P Building Dodds Athletic Center

  • Gym:  West wall behind scorer’s table and bench
  • Fitness Center:  Lower level, near check-in counter

E Building

  • Near E106

G Building Child Development Center

  • Lobby, near front entrance

W Building Tony Noel Ag Tech Center

  • Lobby, near main entrance
  • Diesel Technology, near W14 entrance door

T Building

  • Near front door
  • In central study area

Parkland on Mattis

  • J Wing:  Community Ed & Business Training:  Entrance
  • H Wing:  Health Professions, hall wall north of entrance
  • Y Wing: Contruction Education Alliance, front lobby