first year experience


New to college? Strategies for College Success (FYE 101) is designed to help you succeed in college and beyond. 

In FYE 101, you'll gain skills like:

  • Goal setting
  • Self-assessment
  • Time management
  • Education and career planning
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Personal development, and more!

Available from 1 - 3 credits

Requisites: Placement into CCS-098

Locations: Parkland College Main Campus, Online, or Hybrid. Learn more about the different course formats.

Make your first year a GREAT year! See your advisor now to register for FYE 101.

Questions about FYE 101? Contact Nikki O'Brien at or 217/351-2439

See what other students have to say about their First Year Experience:

  • "The class helped me establish clear personal, academic, and career goals. Every first-year student should take FYE 101!" Spring 2022 FYE 101 first-year student

  • "This course helps tremendously with getting over the overwhelming sense of unfamiliarity that comes with college." – Spring 2022 FYE 101 first-year student

  • “FYE 101 is an amazing course to guide you through your college experience. You get to learn more about yourself, how to be successful in college, and learn how to navigate Parkland. I recommend the class to all first-year students!” – Spring 2022 FYE 101 first-year student

“This class was very informative and helpful. I took this later in my schooling at Parkland and believe that this will be very helpful when I transfer to a four-year school. As helpful as this class was to me, I think it would be amazing for all new students at Parkland, regardless of age.” – Spring 2021 FYE 101 second-year student