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Sexual Assault Information

Sexual assault takes many forms, including attacks such as rape or attempted rape as well as any unwanted sexual contact or threats. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person’s body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person’s consent. Attackers commit sexual assault by way of violence, threats, coercion, manipulation, pressure, or tricks.

Acquaintance rape,” “date rape,” “silent rape,” and “social rape” are all different names used to describe sexual violence against a person by someone that the victim knows. Studies have shown that 84% of rape victims knew their attackers, and 57% of the rapes happened while on a date. One-third of young adults between ages 16 and 24 have reported being involved in at least one dating situation that has involved dating violence. 
Whatever the circumstances, no one asks or deserves to be sexually assaulted.
In the event you are assaulted:
  • First and foremost, get to a safe place and call for help - 911.
  • Second, remember that you are not at fault.
    What has happened to you is a crime. You are the survivor, and you need help. 
  • Third, do NOT bathe, shower, use shampoo or soap, or even change your clothing. There are many things that the rapist has left behind that you may not be able to see that can be used as evidence against them. 
  • Lastly, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Whether you decide to contact the police or not is up to you, but you should seek medical and emotional help as soon as possible to assist you in the healing process.

Victims of sex-related crimes on campus should call 351-2369 or go to A160 immediately. We work with our Counseling Center, as well as with outside agencies, to offer victim advocacy to survivors of sexual assault and to provide educational programs about sexual assault.

Sex Offender Search
State law requires that we inform students and employees on how to learn the identity of registered sex offenders on campus. To learn the identity of registered sex offenders anywhere in Illinois, visit the state-maintained Sex Offender Database. There, you can search by city, county, or ZIP code. Parkland College is located in Champaign County, IL, ZIP code 61821. Call 351-2369 if you need further assistance.

Safety Tips & Resources     

Be Aware, Be Safe on Campus

  • Take advantage of our 24-hour campus Police Escort Service. Call 351-2369.
  • At night, walk in groups of at least two and stay on main walkways.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of emergency phones.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you.
  • Do not hesitate to report suspicious individuals or activity.

Be Aware, Be Safe in Everyday Life.
call 911 for emergencies

College Disciplinary Action 

If the assailant of the sexual assault is another Parkland student, Parkland can file student discipline charges against the assailant. These student discipline charges may be pursued whether or not the crime occurred on Parkland’s campus and whether or not you decide to pursue criminal charges.

Click to view Parkland Student Conduct Codes and Guidelines

To pursue disciplinary action, contact the Dean of Students’ office, A115, at 217/351-2505. If need be, a disciplinary hearing will take place to give the victim and the accused a chance to tell what occurred. If the accused is found guilty, he or she may face probation, suspension, or be expelled from Parkland College.

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