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Survival guide for parents of new parkland students.
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Welcome to Parkland College, and congratulations on successfully helping your new high school graduate reach this important milestone in education! The following resources will help you best support your son or daughter in transitioning to college life and, in particular, to Parkland.
Letting Go…but Not Too Much!
Your student is an ADULT now, but she still NEEDS you! Hovering is out; Helping is in.

Your Student’s Responsibilities:
Your new college student has applied to Parkland and has been accepted. What next? Here are several other steps that he will take before (and after) walking into class on Day One.

Before Classes Start:
After Classes Start:
Frequently Asked Questions.

By registering for classes at Parkland College, you assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account. To avoid financial responsibility, if you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund period. Do not assume that your classes are automatically dropped for non-payment or non-attendance. Classes that are not dropped will be graded.


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