Program Goals and Effectiveness Data


The mission of the program is to graduate students with entry-level employment skills to perform quality radiographic examinations with minimal exposure to patients and personnel, including effective communication skills and respect for patients’ dignity.

The program goals and student learning outcomes (SLO):

  • GOAL: Students will develop critical thinking skills.

SLO: Student will adapt standard procedures for non-routine patients to obtain high quality radiographic images.

SLO: Student will perform technical changes based on diagnostic image quality and patient pathology.

  • GOAL: Students will be clinically competent.

SLO: Student will master entry-level skills in positioning.

SLO: Student will master entry-level skills in technique selection.

  • GOAL: Students will demonstrate communication skills.

SLO: Student will utilize effective oral communication skills with patients and staff.

SLO: Student will utilize effective written communication skills with patients and staff.




The following is the most current program effectiveness data. Our programmatic accreditation agency, the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), defines and publishes this information. Click here to go directly to the JRCERT webpage.

5 Year Program Effectiveness Data


Program Completion Rate

2022: 92% program completion

14 admitted: 13 graduated

ARRT Pass Rate 5-Year Average (2018-2022) - 83%

Benchmark 75% first attempt within 6 months of graduation

2022: 77% pass rate -   10 of 13 graduates    

2021: 73% pass rate -   11 of 11 graduates  *3 grads did not pass on 1st attempt

2020: 83% pass rate -   10 of 12 graduates  *2 grads did not pass on 1st attempt **1 grad did not take the exam

2019: 100% pass rate - 14 of 14 graduates 

2018: 79% pass rate -   12 of 16 graduates  *3 grads did not pass on 1st attempt  **2 grads not taken the exam


Job Placement 5-Year Average (2018-2022) - 100%

Benchmark 75% within 12 months of graduation

2022: 13 graduates; 13 employed

2021: 11 graduates; 11 employed

2020: 12 graduates; 12 employed

2019: 14 graduates; 14 employed

2018: 16 graduates; 16 employed