Computed Tomography (CT)

Certificate Program

Minimum graduation requirements — 12 semester hours

The Computed Tomography Certificate Program offers advanced training for radiologic technologists. Upon completion of the certificate, graduates will be prepared to take the national ARRT certification exam.
Program Notes:
    • Contact Tammy Cox at for more information regarding admission, progression, and graduation.
    • Clinical sites must be approved before enrolling in XCT215.  Clinical sites must be Joint Commission accredited and the clinical mentor must be an ARRT certified technologist in CT.
    • XCT 212 and XCT 214 qualify for both CT and MRI certificates. Students taking those courses for the CT certificate who then pursue the MRI certificate within five years will not need to repeat the courses.
    • Students are required to keep a 2.0 minimum GPA and a C or higher in all XCT courses.
    • XCT 210, XCT 212, and XCT 214 are 8-week accelerated online courses.


Suggested Sequence

Summer-1st semester: XCT 215
Fall-2nd semester: XCT 210
Spring-3rd semester: XCT 212 (first 8 weeks), XCT 214 (second 8 weeks)

Required Program Courses (credit hours)

XCT 210    CT Imaging (3)
XCT 212    Sectional Pathology (3)
XCT 214    Patient Care (3)
XCT 215    CT Clinical (3)
Total Semester Credit Hours (12)

Course Descriptions

 XCT 210 Computed Tomography Imaging 3-0-3
History, physics, and system operational components of computed tomography imaging. Image acqusition, display, reconstruction, and quality control. Prerequisite: ARRT primary certification or concurrent enrollment in XRA 213, XRA 214, and XRA 232. Su
XCT 212 Sectional Pathology 3-0-3
Sectional imaging procedures and pathology commonly found in CT and MRI. Online course. Prerequisites: ARRT primary certification and XCT 210. F, S
XCT 214 Patient Care 3-0-3

Patient care for CT and MRI imaging, pharmacological classification, documentation, and administration of contrast agents and related drug administration. Prerequisites: ARRT primary certification, XCT 210 or XMR 211, and XCT 212. F

XCT 215 CT Clinical 0-20-3

Students will perform CT imaging procedures based on previous coursework and clinical objectives. Prerequisite: ARRT primary certification. S