Dress Code

Students will be required to meet the appropriate appearance codes of the clinical facility they are attending.  Please understand that patients are very susceptible to odors; therefore, no perfumes or colognes are allowed.  You are also encouraged to appear conservative in dress, without excessive jewelry or make-up, and long hair pulled back so that it does not fall onto the patient while you are working with them. 

The uniform code is as follows:
  1. Scrub tops in white, green, or blue - no prints or patterns are allowed. You will prefer two pockets at the waist if available for practicality.  
  2. Uniforms should be loose fitting and conservative in cut.
  3. Students may wear white or navy scrub pants - no jeans permitted.    
  4. Students must wear uniform shoes or athletic shoes.  Good shoes are recommended due to extended amounts of time spent on your feet.
  5. Undergarment must be worn. White undergarments must be worn when wearing white uniform pants. 
  6. You must also wear a Parkland College Health Professions patch on the left sleeve of your uniform top.  These are available in the college bookstore.
  7. No artificial nails or nail jewelry allowed.
  8. Tattoos must be covered by clothing in clinical.
  9. Good personal hygiene is a must.
  10. Hair must be neat and clean and of natural colors.
  11. In clinical, no visible piercing other than ears and only one set.
Any violation in uniform codes and the student will be sent home, resulting in a personal day.  This day may not be made up. 
Helpful items:
  • We highly recommend a watch.
  • You will also need a pen and a pocket-sized notebook for each clinical site.
Important Information:
  • Good personal hygiene is part of professional appearance and adherence to uniform codes.
  • Washing uniforms after each use will reduce the effects of body odor residing in clothes.  
  • Smoking is not allowed on clinical grounds – students who smell of smoke will be sent home.