ENgineering Surveying - SRV 255

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Are you a UIUC student in engineering, agriculture, or geographic information science? SRV 255 will transfer to UIUC as CEE 311.

  • hybrid format
  • pre-recorded online lectures
  • weekly lab exercises at Parkland
  • Fall 2020 class starts September 14
  • First lab day is September 17
  • Lab meets Tuesdays from 9am-12pm
  • Instructor Kory Allred, PLS, EI,
  • Registration deadline: September 11


“SRV255 was one of the most valuable courses I took. Having worked in heavy industrial building construction and transportation construction, I’ve seen how difficult it would be to design and build infrastructure projects without a fundamental grasp of land surveying. SRV 255 equipped me to interpret plans and to make construction adjustments that prevent future problems.

Civil engineering and land surveying are functionally inseparable in practice. Every civil engineer will rely upon survey data throughout their career. SRV 255 is a fantastic, hands-on tool available to UIUC students to prepare for this.”

Tyler Suits, UIUC Civil Engineering 2017  
Civil Engineering Apprentice
City of Champaign, IL

“Civil engineers in construction rely heavily on their surveying knowledge to translate designs into reality in the field.  Civil engineer designers begin their work using surveying data.  Understanding how that data is gathered is immensely helpful in communicating with your team. 

Our full-service engineering firm performs everything from the initial topographic survey to the engineering design and review to the final construction stakeout.  My background surveying knowledge helps me to communicate well with the surveying crews during each phase.  Occasionally, I need to do some minor surveying field work myself.  That experience has really opened new doors for me. “

Isaac Ramsay, UIUC Civil Engineering 2016
Engineering Associate III
Farnsworth Group, Inc - Lisle, IL

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