Updating Software




Set Software to Auto-Update!


Outdated applications often have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to steal your information, install unwanted software on your computer, or give a bad actor access to everything you have.  Vendors of software release updates to fix vulnerabilities and bugs in their software, but you only get them if that software gets updated. Updating your software can sometimes seem like a hassle so, whenever possible, set your software to auto-update.  

Many software packages, from browsers and word processors to full graphics management suites and everything in between, offer the option to automatically check for updates and apply them. To receive updates at the fastest possible rate, please enable auto-update wherever possible.


See this Tip Sheet for more information, facts, and figures about keeping software up to date.


Use a Software Update Utility!

So, you set all apps that have an auto-update feature to do so and set this up on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer... Nice job!   But what about all those other apps?

Some software stubbornly just doesn't have an auto-update feature. Further complicating this is the software manufacturers' tendency to not align their release dates. This causes us to have to monitor the software for new versions and then manually install them when and if we are made aware of them.  Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time to constantly check if every program we have installed has a new version released.  This is a repetitive task that has us perform the same action over and over again... Sounds like a good job for automation, right?

Enter the Software Update Utilities:  Programs that check for updates for you and will apply them to your favorite apps without you having to manually do it yourself.  Software Update Utility programs vary in complexity, the number of applications they support.  Additionally, you do have to keep your software update utility up to date but this is one that is worth doing, since it saves you the work of updating all your other apps.  The good news there is that most of them will auto-update, as well.

Some of software update utilities are free and some are not, but they may be a worthwhile investment if you find them useful and they help to keep your personal computer secure.

Some examples of Software Update Utilities:

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