Sustainability At Parkland College

As humanity advances into this century, it will be faced with increasing demands from growing populations for greater affluence. Yet, many of the resources on earth are finite and will require that humans learn to live more sustainably. To live sustainably, we must manage our economies in ways that will not do irreparable harm to Earth’s systems. In addition to pressures on resources, global climate change threatens life on earth in many ways.

At Parkland College, our goal is to become a sustainable campus and to teach and train the students and staff to become sustainable citizens in all aspects of their lives. We have taken several steps to help the regional community to become more sustainable through example and education.

By example, the College has:

  • Signed the President’s Climate Commitment to become a carbon-neutral campus
  • Established the Sustainable Campus Committee to promote sustainability on campus
  • Begun creating environmental education courses
  • Created a Climate Action Plan to map out the route to carbon neutrality by 2060
  • Established a native prairie, organic garden, and Miscanthus field (for biofuel)
  • Installed energy and water saving devices

For additional information email Sustainable Campus.