Assessment center testing policies

1. Physical, Valid Photo ID, with full name, is required for all testing (no pictures of IDs allowed)

    • Some test vendors require a Government-Issued ID or multiple forms of ID

2. Lockers are reserved for testing candidates only (for storage of personal items)

    • Refusal to store personal items will result in the inability to test (listed examples available)
    • Staff has the right to inspect disruptive contents and remove any contents left behind

3. Refrain from disruptive, threatening, and/or fraudulent behavior

    • Talking is not allowed in the testing room (unless to Assessment/Testing Center staff)
    • Disruptive behavior is grounds for termination of testing, invalidation of results and could result in disqualification of future testing.

4. No testing materials/supplements are allowed to leave the Assessment/Testing Center

5. Parkland College course tests not completed by closing time must be submitted incomplete

    • During the Summer Semester testing will be closed 5 minutes before the office closes for that day.