Welcome to the Parkland College Assessment Center!

Assessment is important: It brings you success while starting at Parkland College by ensuring that you are placed in the right courses. The Assessment Center also administers tests that will assess your competency as you complete academic coursework or earn academic and industry credentials.

Assessment Tests for Degree/Certificate-Seeking Students

Students not currently enrolled in classes who have an active application at Parkland College and are working toward a degree or certificate are considered to be "degree/certificate-seeking students."

To ensure we place you in the appropriate courses, Parkland College requires all degree/certificate-seeking students to take Parkland College assessment tests or meet our placement requirements. Students must receive course placement in the following areas: reading, English, and math. 

  • If your standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) do not meet our placement requirements or have expired, you will need to take our assessment tests.
  •  If your standardized test scores meet the placement requirements, you may not need to take our assessment tests. If you do not need to assess, your next step in the course registration process is to meet with Academic Advising.

Assessment Center Standards

We subscribe to the National College Testing Association's (NCTA) Proctoring Network Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers and are an Illinois member of the national NCTA Proctoring Network (NPN).

Directions to Assessment Center

We are located in Room U203 (Second floor of the Student Services Center)

From the B parking lot:
Enter the first floor of the U wing. Take the stairs, located in the hallway, to the second floor and head to the north end of the atrium.
Elevators located near the bookstore in the U wing can also assist you in reaching the second floor.

From the second floor of the L wing:
Students can enter the U wing via the north second-floor walkway, accessed through the double doors at the end of the L wing hallway outside Room L212. This corridor into the U wing leads directly to the Assessment Center entrance.

From the second floor of the B wing:
Students can enter the U wing via the south second-floor walkway, accessed through the double doors outside Room B223. Once through the corridor, turn left (north) and travel the length of the second floor as far as possible to get to the Assessment Center (which will be on your right).