Athletic Hall of Fame

The Parkland College Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 2007 to recognize individuals and teams who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding performances, work, support, and/or contributions to Parkland College Athletics. 

Past honorees also include former coaches and/or administrators who may be recognized for their outstanding work on behalf of the Parkland College Athletic Department. Members who have philanthropically supported Parkland College Athletics have been selected because of their support of, contributions to, or interest in Parkland College Athletics. The Hall of Fame also recognizes former teams for their outstanding accomplishments while participating at Parkland College.

2022 Parkland College Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


Photo Credit: Rod Shilts
Right to Left, Tracy Wahlfeldt, Mike Trame, John Harshbarger, Spencer Patton, Brendan McHale, Pam Lau, Marietta Turner

Class of 2022

Kevin Crane - Baseball

John Harshbarger - Baseball

TJ McManus - Baseball

Spencer Patton - Baseball

Danny Winkler - Baseball

Class of 2021

Megan Casagrande - Volleyball

Lori VanBeek - Volleyball

2013 Volleyball NJCAA National Runners-Up

2014 Volleyball NJCAA National Runners-Up

2015 Volleyball NJCAA National Champions

2016 Volleyball NJCAA National Champions

Class of 2019

Will Bailey - Basketball

Neeley Hawkins - Softball

Devon Munch - Soccer

Matt Neaville - Basketball

Rachel Robinson - Volleyball

Jennifer Sykes - Volleyball

Class of 2018

Marty Kirby - Baseball

Brittany Fallis Perez - Volleyball

Hannah Ohl Cronk - Basketball

Heidi McKean Wlezien - Basketball

Lennox Forrester - Basketball

Denise McGrath - Volleyball

Rebecca Koets - Softball

Class of 2017

Brittany Moody (Bolender) - Softball

Stephen E. Brown - Contributor

Kylie Cavanah - Volleyball

Michael Davan - Golf

Mike Duis - Basketball

Mia Perry - Volleyball

Zach Skidmore - Baseball

Eric Xidis - Baseball 

Class of 2016

Leslie Burnside - Volleyball

Derek Drage- Baseball

Carl Meyer- Contributor

Keith Parks - Basketball

Rachel Schroeder- Contributor

Steve Ward - Baseball

Class of 2015

Mark Carlson - Baseball

Troy Douglas - Track & Field

Antiwan Easley - Basketball

Michael Hamby - Baseball

Mike Hatfield - Track and Field

Holly Nichols - Softball

Class of 2014

2009 National Baseball Team

Tom Bigler - Contributor

Zachary McNabney - Golfer and Coach

Sima Shah - Volleyball All-American

Korie Shawver - Softball All-American

Class of 2013

Michael Coles - Baseball

Shane Heams - Baseball

Shelly Kraeger Kohrmann - Volleyball

David Stein - Basketball

Cred Thom - Golf Coach

Martina Underwood Toohill - Basketball

Class of 2012

Jodi Huddlestun-Clark - Cross Country

Lee LaBadie - Coach

Brittany Nash - Softball

JIm Thompson - Golf

Holly Walden - Softball

2005 Softball Team

2006 Soiftball Team

Class of 2011

Jesse Griswold - Baseball

Billy Mock - Basketball

Dave Rear - Baseball

Brooklyn Robbins - Volleyball

Jennifer Smith - Contributor

Brenda Winkeler - Coach

2005 Baseball Team

Class of 2010

Kim Burke - Basketball

Jennifer Carroll - Basketball

Dan Grant - Baseball

Billie Mitchell - Contributor

Howard Walker - Baseball

Tim Wulf - Coach

2002 Softball Team

Class of 2009

Juan Acevedo - Baseball

Emily Alsup - Softball

Kathy Kaler - Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

Brendan McHale - Contributor

Scott Rafferty - Baseball

Stan Swank - Coach

Class of 2008

Wayne Angel - Track and Field

Kenny Banks - Track and Field

Chris Cuchra - Baseball

Roger Herbsleb - Contributor

Ken Pritchett - Coach

Lynette Trout - Coach

2002 Baseball Team

Class of 2007

Joe Abbey - Coach/Administration 

Bob Abbuehl - Contributor

P.J. Bowman - Basketball

Russ Oliver - Basketball

David Patrick - Track

Jim Reed - Coach/Administration

1986 Men's Basketball - Team

1999 Women's Volleyball - Team