Establish a fund

Creating an endowed fund or scholarship fund gives you an opportunity to put your name, or the name of a person or organization you wish to honor, on a fund for a specific cause. Establishing an endowment allows Parkland College the ability to provide funds to a particular academic program, scholarship, or other priorities in perpetuity. 

Typically the minimum required to establish an endowment fund is $10,000. Sometimes lesser amounts are accepted with the understanding that they will grow to $10,000 within a reasonable period of time. 

The Parkland College Foundation has the unique ability to work with the college to help our donors establish a fund that best represents their wishes and match them with the priorities of the college. Our simple process allows for a lifetime of impact to Parkland and its students. 

If you are considering establishing a fund, please contact our offices at 217/351-2464 or