About the Foundation


Established in 1969, the Parkland College Foundation has a history of providing financial support to the students, faculty, and departments of Parkland College. We work closely with alumni, corporations, foundations, and members of the community to ensure Parkland College is able to provide educational opportunities and community enrichment.

To meet the demands of the constantly changing educational climate, the foundation provides scholarships to deserving students; state-of-the-art technical equipment and program enhancements to the academic departments; capital for additional college buildings; and funds to broaden educational and cultural opportunities and services to citizens of Parkland College District 505. By administering these resources to the college, the foundation works to improve the economic development of communities within Parkland College’s district as well as the quality of life to the residents. 

The Parkland College Foundation is dedicated to helping our donors make the largest impact possible to open doors and change lives in our community.