50 Notable Alumni

Carter Boyce

3D Artist, Shatterglass Studios, Champaign, Illinois

Associates in Applied Arts

Digital Media

Class of 2010

Carter Boyce said that “Parkland helped me open the door to my ability to tell a story through film, and opened up my desire to explore different techniques and mediums to tell those stories.”

A 2010 graduate of Parkland in the Digital Media program, Carter continued his education at DePaul University and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Animation in 2015.

Carter also earned a lot more while at DePaul. His senior thesis film, “Die Flucht” – of which Carter was Director, Writer, Animator, and in charge of content development and creation – earned the top three awards at the 2015 DePaul Premiere Film Festival: Premiere Jury Award, Faculty Award, and Best Animation Award. And just a few weeks ago, Carter received the Student Academy Award, Animation Category, from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for that same film, “Die Flucht.”

While Carter was in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards ceremony, he met Bonni Lee, Senior VP of Village Roadshow Pictures (franchise for the Mad Max and Lego movies), who was responsible for getting Tim Burton his first three films. She told Carter that she is willing to find projects for him and help him get his next film started. He also met producer John Carls who mentioned that he is eager to start a studio in the Midwest to produce high-end animated films.

Carter’s most memorable moment at Parkland was actually before he enrolled as a student. “During the end of my senior year of high school, I attended three Parkland sample courses, one of which was a 3D modeling course. It was during that half hour period that I finally found something that I truly felt like I wanted to do with my life; a feeling I had never felt before. When I went home that day, I walked in the door and immediately told my mother, “Mom, I know what I want to do with life!”