50 Notable Alumni

Christine Kohler


Associate in Arts

Education and English


Christine had two dreams in high school: to become a professional writer and to travel. Of the colleges she attended, which include Kent State University, Angelo State University, Parkland College, University of Hawaii, Southwest Texas State University, and the University of Texas at San Antonio, she said that Parkland "was wonderful for tying together credits from two different universities for an AA in Secondary Ed with an English emphasis. Nearly all of it transferred to the U of Hawaii for a bachelor's degree in journalism. Both degrees have been essential in my career as a journalist, teacher, and author in education, mass market, and trade market books."
One of her favorite jobs was as a political reporter and foreign correspondent for a Gannett paper, covering politics in the West Pacific. In addition to other newspapers, she worked as a copy editor for the San Antonio Express News, a Hearst daily. She has authored 17 books, fiction and nonfiction, in the education mass, and trade markets. No Surrender Soldier (Merit Press, 2014) is her debut novel.

Christine's most memorable moment at Parkland: "I had an English professor who came in the first day and drew a slanted line on the board and said one word, 'Juxtaposition.' Throughout the semester he would repeat this. One day it hit me, I understood what juxtaposition meant in literature. This same professor also introduced me to a work by Graham Greene, who became a favorite author of mine."