50 Notable Alumni

Yusak Desyanto

Segment Producer at CBN Indonesia

Associate in Applied Science

Mass Communication/Media Studies


Yusak started at CBN Indonesia in July 2011 as a Researcher and became Segment Producer in 2012. At CBN, he works with a large team of people and collaborates with influential people in Indonesia such as ministers, government officials, intellects, athletes, and artists. He has six years’ of experience working at a TV station, including his Internship at WILL-TV at the University of Illinois.

 In 2014, Yusak received the CBN International Award for Excellence in recognition of outstanding performance, demonstrating innovation, integrity, and excellence, from CBN International.

Yusak came to Parkland College through The Community College Initiative Program that equips students with technical proficiency in their field of study, employable skills, and leadership expertise to advance their country’s development and promote mutual understanding between cultures. While studying at Parkland, Yusak was named to the Parkland College Dean's List in the spring semester of 2011 and was a member of the International Student Association, the Parkland College Fellowship Club, International Friendship Link, the Champaign County Church Sports League in softball, and Gamelan Community of World Music. Yusak also volunteered for the Champaign Park District, Parkland College Asian American Association, University YMCA, Vineyard Church, Holt International, Christie Clinic Marathon, and Roger Ebert’s Film Festival.

His most memorable moment at Parkland “was joining communities, clubs and organizations that encouraged me to learn a lot about other cultures and ideas. I really enjoyed the time and loved the friendly campus environment and helpful staff at Parkland. I also worked with a great Project Coordinator, Susan Short, who assisted me in adjusting to a new culture and educational system. Parkland College truly equipped me with skills I use in my career and I look forward to visiting the Parkland campus again.”