Practical Nurse



Admission Opportunities

  • Certified Nurse Assistants or Certified Medical Office Assistants are welcome to apply.


Our program has outstanding clinical and learning resources available to nursing students, including simulators for illness and obstetrics training. As a Parkland LPN student, you will learn with the same cohort throughout your education. Our students develop close, lifelong friendships while in the program: They study together, collaborate, and even have some fun.

After graduation, you will be able to apply to the RN Bridge program. Accepted students are placed into the third semester of the RN program. The benefit to this is that you can work as an LPN, making more money and gaining experience while you complete your RN degree. 



This program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. For additional information, call 213/814-4500

Practical Nursing students share their thoughts about the program.

Abby M.

"As a graduate of the Parkland LPN program, I am now a confident and competent nurse. I was taught my excellent foundation that I built onto from amazing instructors who were sincere to every student and gave us everything we needed to be amazing nurses. Getting accepted to the LPN program was the best thing that ever happened to me!"

Mwenya M.

"For me to have risen rapidly in my nursing career to the position of Assistant Director of Nursing within three years, is because of the excellent nursing foundation I got from the awesome LPN program at Parkland. I'm a living testimony of a great product of Parkland's LPN program!" 

Rachel K.

"The Parkland LPN program, along with the instructors, taught me how to be a safe, caring, and compassionate nurse. I am grateful every day for the extensive training I received."

Jeanine T.

"The LPN program provides a nurturing environment to help me succeed and keep me on the path to excellence."

Tammy K.

"I chose the LPN program at Parkland because it was a reachable goal for me. I am the mother of four children, married, and working part-time. The LPN program allowed enough flexibility with its class schedule to allow me to go to school and continue to raise a family and work. It provided me with a great opportunity to move up in my career as a CNA to an LPN. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to further their nursing career." 

 Katrina C.

"As a new mom, the LPN program works better with our schedule than the RN program would have. I'm only in class or lab three days a week and I have the rest of the week to study and spend time with my family. I will have a certificate and be able to make more money sooner than with other programs. This program has a small class, and you get to form relationships with other students that you may not have otherwise been able to. The instructors are always willing to help you and want you to succeed. For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm exactly where I'm meant to be." 

Nicole K.

"The Parkland LPN program... the place where I learned to believe in myself and my abilities. The nurturing and encouragement of not only the director (Joanne), instructors (including Joanne), but my wonderful classmates prepared me for real-world nursing. Joanne always stressed professionalism, humanity, and good skills. 'Do it the same way every time' (mother face in place). Completing the LPN program at Parkland and passing my boards, thanks to the wonderful instruction, made me realize I can do anything. Thank you, graduating class December 2011. Thank you, Parkland. Thank you, Joanne for molding a program where success is accomplished through encouragement and nurturing, not scare tactics. DO IT; IT'S THE BEGINNING OF GREAT THINGS!"

Helena L.

"Parkland's LPN program gave me a great foundation as a nurse. It prepared me well for the transition from CNA to LPN. The instructors are all wonderful, with the same goal in mind: to help every student become the best nurses they can be! The instructors in this program truly care about their students and the program. Some words of encouragement from the instructors will always stay with me: 'Keep stepping over the line!' and 'No fear, No worries, No doubt!' As I continue my studies and face whatever challenges lie ahead, I will always remember my experiences in the program, the wonderful people who took this journey along with me, and those who taught me what I needed to succeed. Thank you all for helping me make my dreams come true! This program has truly changed my life and given so much more than just knowledge of nursing. It taught me to be more confident, not only in my nursing career but in everyday life as well! I can see and feel the changes that have taken place over the last two years, and this program is where it all began! Thanks again for everything!"

Alicia H.

"The LPN program has given me the skills and solid foundation I need to be an amazing nurse. Every single instructor is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you understand and know how to apply concepts. It gives you the confidence to step out into the world and know what you're doing is truly incredible. I'm not sure I'd be where I am now without the tremendous support from my fellow grads and instructors. Thanks, guys!"

Shaqueena X

"In the LPN program, you gain the confidence and knowledge to become a part of a challenging career."