Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?
The LPN Program is three semesters long. 

What is the difference between an RN and an LPN?

LPNs do much of what RNs do.  They gather data on patients, give medication, start IVs, educate, and document.  LPNs do not give IV push medication, take care of central lines, administer blood, or develop a plan of care.

What differences are there for admission into the LPN program versus the RN program?

The method used to score is different.  The LPN program uses the program GPA (only general classes taken for the LPN program.  The LPN program requires a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, then the rubric is used to develop a total score and applicants are ranked.  The RN program requires a 2.75 program GPA and sciences are used twice in the scoring process.  In addition, a standardized test is taken to assess readiness to be admitted to the program.

How can I find funding to pay for my LPN program?

Always begin by completing a FAFSA each year in January - as early as possible!  You can find more information on this through the Financial Aid office. Use Parkland's scholarship search engine to find other financial funding opportunities.