Need a unique facility for your meeting, wedding, production, or event? 

Consider hosting your event in our beautiful lobby.

  • $100 per hour rental fee (lobby only)
  • Chairs and tables can be provided upon request for an additional $50 fee
  • Catering, beverages, tablecloths, etc. are NOT provided by the planetarium
  • No alcohol is allowed on the college campus
  • Subject to availability of the dome space and appropriate staff. 

Schedule a special Staerkel Planetarium program for your group! 

  • $350 per hour for one show (seating up to 95; show is an existing program)
  • $150 per hour for additional shows during your event
  • Production Services, additional technicians/staff priced subject to availability.
  • $100 per hour for any production services (creating/editing a show)

Note that we are also allowed to negotiate fees for special events like weddings.  The price is dependent on what's required of the equipment/staff and how much time is needed in the dome.