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Rome Travel Experience

Walking Tour in Italy
Visit Rome, Florence, Tivoli, and more!
Guided tours • Family-style meals • Experienced faculty

Explore Italy Travel Experience

July 18-31, 2017*
Enjoy extraordinary works of art, sculptures, fountains, architecture, landscapes, and gardens, along with delicious meals, during a Parkland College excursion in Rome this summer.

Join Parkland College professors Kaizad Irani and Gregory Pierceall on a walking field tour of Rome and visits to surrounding areas. Pierceall has led this trip more than 20 times and is knowledgeable on the history, architecture and culture of Italy. Irani, a veteran trip leader, is experienced in Italian landscapes and architecture.
We will walk and take the metro to explore the culture of Rome. Churches, museums, fountains, gardens and shops of Rome are all part of the daily experiences. Local tours will include Tivoli, Villa d’Este, and an afternoon trip to the beach. Out-of-town tours also will include Florence by train and a guided bus visit to other scenic destinations. Free time is a part of the trip. 
You will stay 12 days at the Monache Camaldolesi Convent located on the Aventine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills. Rooms include two beds, a closet, marble floors, a window and a bath/shower. Meals are cooked onsite, served family style. Past participants say the Convent is one of the best experiences of the trip.
You'll be walking at least ten miles a day. Get in shape by walking daily and remember, Rome has seven hills to traverse. Have a good pair of walking shoes broken in by July. Our tentative itinerary is as follows:
Day 1: Fly to Italy
  • Departure Chicago. Enjoy dinner, movies and breakfast on the flight
  • Arrival Italy 9am Wednesday
Day 2: Rome
  • Transport to Rome and get settled at the Convent
  • Lunch followed by an afternoon walk around neighborhood
  • Dinner at the Convent
  • Evening walk to Colosseum
Day 3: Walk to Capitaline Hill
  • Lunch followed by afternoon walk into the city
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 4: Walk Largo Argentina, Spanish Steps 
  • Lunch afternoon walking in the central city
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 5: Tivoli tour train and inter city bus
  • Lunch at Tivoli on your own
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 6: Early morning walk to Porta Portense 
  • Flea market walk back with lunch at Piazza Novonna
  • Dinner at local pizza in city as a group 
Day 7: Bus trip to Pompeii or Bomarzzo and Villa Lante portal
  • Lunch on your own
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 8: Walk Via Vento , Bone church to Villa Borgese Public park
  • Lunch and free afternoon
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 9: Vatican
  • Lunch on your own
  • Dinner at the Convent
Day 10: Train to Florence
  • Lunch on your own
  • Group dinner at the Convent
Day 11: Free day
  • Lunch on your own
  • Dinner Convent
Day 12: Explore
  • Journey east of Convent local journey with possible beach visit
Day 13: Flea Market and packing
  • Lunch and dinner at the Convent
Day 14: Depart Rome arrival Chicago afternoon

Estimated Cost $4,228* includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare from Chicago O’Hare to Rome
  • 12 nights’ double occupancy in Monache Camaldolesi Convent on the Aventine Hill. A limited number of signal rooms are available for additional $400.
  • Family-style breakfasts and dinners
  • Rome metro ticket for entire stay
  • Travel to surrounding areas by train and bus
  • Guide fees, museum fees, and travel insurance
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*tentative information subject to change

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