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Cuba Travel Experience

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture.
In-depth guided tours, shared insights from expert guides, daily interactions with locals, regional cuisine, and live demonstrations are just some of the ways you will immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Cuba. In Havana, Cuba’s capital city, discuss the region’s conservation efforts, educational resources, and national identity with locals. Journey east to Cienfuegos and discover Cuba’s culture firsthand with a trip to an art studio as well as music and dance performances.
Explore Cuba Travel Experience
May 22-30, 2017*

Day 1: Fly to Miami
Departing from Indianapolis, IN on May 22 time TB -  Fly to Miami

  • Meet your EF representative at the airport in Miami.
  • Take a walking tour of Little Havana and attend an orientation meeting.
Day 2: Havana
  • Meet your Cuban tour director at the airport.
  • Meet with faculty and students at the University of Havana. Discuss topics such as access to education, available subjects, university resources, and preparation for post-education careers.
Day 3: Havana

  • Visit a community day care center. Discuss the types of projects that can help young Cubans overcome hardships and challenges. Participate in a discussion about private enterprise in Cuba at a local restaurant and organic farm.
  • Visit the Muraleando Community Project. Discuss the impact of art on communities with the artist and his students.
Day 4: Havana + Mayabeque

  • Travel to Mayabeque Province. Interact with members of the Las Terrazas community.
Talk with a local naturalist and meet with a local landscape artist.

  • Return to Havana. Visit José Fuster’s home and studio. Discuss the impact of his artwork on the community.
Day 5: Havana + Cienfuegos

  • Travel to the Zapata Peninsula. Participate in a workshop at Zapata National Park.
 Discuss the importance of diverse ecosystems and the need for conservation efforts in swampy areas. Engage with villagers of a Taíno village.
  • Travel to Cienfuegos. Attend a performance by the Cienfuegos Orchestra. Discuss cultural influences in classical music with the performers.
Day 6: Cienfuegos + Trinidad

  • Enjoy a hike and nature talk in El Cubano Park.
  • Travel to Trinidad. Engage with a local photographer and horse whisperer.
  • Return to Cienfuegos.
Day 7: Cienfuegos + Santa Clara

  • Visit an art school. Discuss the role of music and dance in social expression.
  • Travel to Santa Clara. Participate in activities at the Santa Clara Community Center.
Day 8: Santa Clara

  • Travel to Remedios. Meet with Bici-Taxi private owners. Learn about the sugar industry at a former sugar mill. Play a game and interact with a local sports team.
  • Return to Santa Clara.
Day 9: Depart for Home

Estimated Cost $4,385* includes:
  • Roundtrip airfare from Indianapolis, IN
  • Double occupancy accommodations
  • Hotels with private baths
  • Meals
  • Tours
  • In-country transportation
  • Cultural activities
Learn more about your travel options at:
*tentative information subject to change

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