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To help students improve their English skills for success in American colleges and universities, the Parkland College Pre-college ESL program offers a series of 3‐credit‐hour courses in four areas of academic skill preparation. Courses are available from beginning to advanced levels in grammar/writing, listening/speaking, and reading/vocabulary. Elective courses are also available in TOEFL preparation, pronunciation, and conversation.

Pre‐college ESL classes average 8‐15 students and often include students from many different countries. These students have extensive free access to computer labs as well as opportunities to engage in socializing activities with classmates and instructors throughout the year.

Students may enroll part‐time or full‐time. For the full‐time international student, Parkland’s Pre-college ESL program:
  • meets the requirements for and issues 1‐20s for full‐time English preparation for advancement into college and university programs in the U.S.
  • includes 16 hours a week of practice to improve grammar, writing, listening, speaking, reading, and vocabulary.
  • focuses on student success through active learning: small groups, problem solving, and computer‐based instruction.
  • is taught by highly‐qualified, caring professionals.

International students may apply to the Parkland Pre-college ESL Program from their home countries or from other colleges in the United States. Students do not need a TOEFL score to apply to the program. Click for admissions information for International Applicants.
Books and Materials
Students should not buy their books for the first day of classes. After attending class and getting instructions from the teacher on which book(s) to buy, students are then required to buy their assigned textbooks. Book titles are listed by course number in the Parkland bookstore.  Please note that working from photocopies instead of a textbook is unacceptable and illegal in the United States.

English-Only Policy
As participants in Parkland’s Pre-college ESL Program, all students MUST speak only English while in labs and classrooms. Students are also strongly encouraged to speak as much English outside of class as possible and to take advantage of the many social and cultural events offered on campus and by the Pre-college ESL Program.
Tips to practice English:
  • Talk to American students. You can begin by asking questions about the college, about classes you are interested in, or about how to study.
  • Use books on tape, located in the lab or library. This will improve your listening skills and your comfort with the relationship between the way words look on paper and how they sound to native speakers.
  • Study at common tables in the library or a coffee shop.
  • Watch TV and movies with or without English subtitles. The more you can follow this type of cultural information, the more conversational interactions will make sense to you. Soap operas (daytime dramas) are great for this. They show exaggerated emotion and repeat things often.
  • Visit Parkland classes in subject areas you are interested in. This will help you experience firsthand how instructors interact with students and at what level students are expected to participate during small-group class discussions or during all-class lectures.

Parkland Labs
Parkland has several open computer labs for student use. Students are welcome to use these facilities for word processing, email, and browsing the Internet.

Language Lab

Our language lab is open for student self-study. There is a variety of CD-ROMs available for grammar practice as well as CDs, cassettes, and other resources are available for listening practice.

Pre-College ESL Program’s Attendance Policy
The United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that all students holding F-1 visas must be active in a full-time course of study. The Pre-College ESL Program meets this requirement with 12 credit hours each week. A full-time language study program typically includes ESL 080, ESL 090, ESL 096, and ESL 097.

Due to this policy, attendance in all classes is mandatory. Students need to be aware that the Pre-college ESL program is very strict in monitoring attendance. Each instructor will include on his/her syllabus a grading policy that includes how absences can affect your grade for the course.

Instructors will report any student with more than five (5) unexcused absences to the coordinator. Any student on an F-1 visa with more than five (5) unexcused absences over a two-week period will be reported to the Office of International Student Services.

Failure to comply can cause administrative withdrawal from the program. If a student must be absent for an extended period of time, he or she should give the instructor a written explanation of the absence via email which, with instructor’s approval, will be forwarded to the coordinator and the Office of International Student Services.

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